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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Pam, I'm not sure you can count a 5K as a workout - I can, anyone else can, but for you isn't that like counting "walked to the coffee maker"? Only kidding, you are a model for us all! You probably did it twice

Today was a nice fast mile run, then weights - I feel pretty inspired at this point -

You make me laugh Abby

Actually it did end up being a great workout as I ran it pretty darn fast. The course was an out and back, or more accurately and up and down. Nothing very steep but it was constant. I ran up 1.5 miles at 8:20 min/mile and back down at 7:54 min/mile . But the sad thing was, as I suspected, all of my X-fit buddies saw that the WOD was a run and skipped it! Really! come on everyone, running is important to our fitness.

So Abby, I know it is colder that a witch's *** there right now, but do you have any thought of running a race come spring? I bet you would improve your time by a huge margin.

I got to go out in the field to set up some air quality samplers at the Mt. Palomar observatory today. Not exactly a workout but it was great to get outdoors and in the mountains. The air was a little nippy for my thin SoCal blood but invigorating. Yoga tonight!

How did everyone else do today?
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