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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
A really healthy choice is low carb, high fiber tortilla shells from Ole. At 12 grams of fiber per wrap you're really missing out if you don't eat these.
I like those, too. Giving up bread (for health reasons) has not been nearly as hard as giving up tortillas.

I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in 1979. I chose to control it with diet and processed carbs (wheat or otherwise)--along with other high carb foods like potatoes and rice--were pretty much eliminated from my diet at that time. I followed Atkins Maintenance most of the time and went to OWL if I was careless and needed to lose a few pounds.

I got careless once in a while and they crept back in, but I really don't miss them (except for French fries) very much. It won't hurt you to eliminate bread from your diet--it will help you lose.

I had some severe colon problems last February and went back on strict Atkins--no bread. I lost 40 pounds between February 13th and May 30th. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes--which is a little depressing. I just remind myself that I was told, in 1979, that I'd have about 10 years before becoming diabetic. Thank God for Atkins--I put off that turnover into diabetes for 22 years longer than the doctors predicted.

You need carbs, but they need to come from vegetables first--processed foods rarely.
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