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Hi Everyone, including the lurkers

Mary glad to see you are getting back. Taking a little break isn't a bad idea, but if you want to get totally back in the routine, just pick and day and decide from then on full throttle. (It works for me, but I know not everyone works the way I do )

Abby, I'll post my weight in a couple of days - I think that is a great idea!

The way CrossFit works is almost as you describe: Surprise! today you are going to do 50 pull-ups, 100 m strints and clean and jerks. The coaches usually workout all the routines for the week so each day is a progression of the last. They usually post the WOD (Work Out of the Day) the night before on the web. I often look at it before I go in, but most people show up and stare at the white board where they write the WOD for all the classes that day. The WODs are organized class style so you sign up for the 8:00, 9:00 or one of several evening classes.

I know lots of beginners are intimidated at first and people often say, "no I can't do that until I am in better shape" but all of the WODs have modifications for skills and everyone starts with light weights until they have perfected the movement. (The coaches are crazy fixated on making sure you have the movement correct before they will allow you to start push the weight).

So like pull-ups: I still can't do them unassisted, but they have the giant rubber bands that you put your feet in that provide extra lift. Or a couple of the really big guys do "jumping pull ups" on a lower bar that allows the power of thier legs to get the chin over the bar.

Although there is a certain amount of competition in the classes, for the most part it is all about mutual support and lots of encouragement. The last one finished gets as much (maybe more) cheering and high-5s as the first person. Mostly it is about pushing yourself and working within your own limits. The coaches are there to just push you a bit harder. Like yesterday I was really running on empty towards the end, but you hear a voice next to you going "come on Pam, push through it - only 7 more to go" and it is amazingly powerful.

Really, it is like have a personal trainer for every single workout. AND for those of us who spend there day thinking and problem solving it is great not to have to figure out "OK, I'm at the gym, now what am I going to do???"

I would suggest that you google it, but the Main website is way too complicated and most of the individual boxes (that's what we call the gym) are geared more to the informed than to the newbies.
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