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Thanks for the TMI Pam, I find I need that pre workout bathroom break before any jumping moving activity - including running.

So today 2.25 miles in 21 minutes, then some weight work, there were three guys working out in the free weight room, and I couldn't find a 10 pound weight for one of my lifts - I screwed up and took one off a bar near someone, and he let me know he was using that one - he was between sets. He was perfectly nice about it, but I felt very small, and not welcome in there, so I moved to another area - got a lot of sit ups on the decline bench (two sets of 25, and I moved it up to a higher tilt for the second set), pec flies on the ball (2 sets of 20, 10 lb weights), thinker curls, lunges - a good set even if not the one I planned.

Not feeling pumped, sort of tired, a little dizzy as I left the Y - I ate my yogurt and mango, hope that solves it.

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