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Default Jump rope

Pam , jump ropes really scare me! I am sure Iíll sent one flying and poke someone elseís eye out (is there one recorded case of this? Probably not). Perhaps the next thing I work on developing should be grace, but for now, strength and cardio fitness will do!

Actually Abby I don't think a jump rope has ever injured any one but the jumpee. I have whip marks on the backs of my legs and one time I did let one of the handles go, but it just came back and bonked me in the head . To tell you the truth the worst problem with jumping rope (once you get the hang of it) is the effect it has on a 53 year old bladder. In the spirit of avoiding TMI, let's just say it is a good idea to limit fluids and take a prophilacitic bathroom break before beginning.
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