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I know this wasn't recent but just wanted to throw this out there. Anything causing dizziness can cause nausea, has your doctor mentioned Ménière's disease? Have you had any ear problems, like a feeling of deafness, noises in your ear, popping etc?

The problem with inner ear problems is that the doctor can't visualize it. I had vertigo for over a month, it started suddenly and violently one night, and the source of the problem was never found. I have eustachian tube problems, so the doctor's agreed it most likely was an ear problem. I couldn't walk unassisted, I couldn't cook because of fear of injuring myself, I spent most of the month in bed. I walked into the doctor's waiting room and people were staring, I was staggering like I was drunk. When your head is spinning its intensely difficult to focus, like your brain is in a blender. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. There are medications to help treat dizziness, you could try that to see if it gives you some relief. Hope you start feeling better soon.
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