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Pixie5477 12-01-2010 09:44 PM

Not feeling well
I have had odd symptoms for several years now and the dr. doesn't seem to know what is wrong with me. I wonder if anyone here has experienced anything similar. My symptoms are: Dizziness, Fuzzy headed, Queasy and shaky.

It affects my diet because I feel like I need to eat something when I become queasy. I tend to feel if I eat something it will quell all the symptoms. I thought maybe diabetes but my dr. says I'm fine. What else could it be? I am so sick of this.

Thank you!

cjohnson728 12-01-2010 10:23 PM

Pixie, don't know if it is the same or not, but I had similar symptoms (not the queasy, but the others). I eventually ended up at a neurologist and he suspects it is an inner ear problem. I was on medicine for quite a while. Like you, I felt like eating would make it better, but that wasn't the case. I'm finally off the meds and doing "vestibular rehab." You may want to Google "BPPV" to see if that seems to describe any of what you are feeling.

tandoorichicken 12-01-2010 10:52 PM

Water maybe? I don't know about shaky, but I get the rest of the symptoms when I am dehydrated.

GameGal 12-01-2010 11:11 PM

I had tyhose symptoms mostly when, although not diabetic at that time, my carb content for that hour or day was wayyy too high. But I have also had those symptoms since I have had my gall bladder removed. My doc doesnt know how to explain it either. :(

laughingduck 12-02-2010 12:23 AM

I've had the exact same thing since my early 20's (I'm 29 now). I went through several tests and the doctors could not find anything. Every time I'd diet I would lose 5 lbs or so then get super dizzy, queasy, shaky etc. Eating would make me feel better. At one point it was so bad I could not walk and was throwing up until my boyfriend at the time took me to the emergency room. The doctor there said his wife who was a nurse had similar problems and that she finally self-diagnosed herself with hypoglycemia. I said I'd been tested for it and it was negative and he told me it's very very hard to test for. He said to eat less sugary or refined foods (I was actually eating pretty healthy but was drinking a lot, since these were my university days:rolleyes:)

So I read up a lot about it and realized my symptoms did fit those of hypoglycemia. I was also a vegetarian at the time so I started eating meat to up my protein and that helped along with cutting down on the alcohol. Although it helped it wasn't cured and it took me going to a naturopathic doctor who then told me I had candida overgrowth. I'm not sure if I buy this one (seems like a fad thing) but I do strongly believe that my high carb (from being vegetarian) and alcohol diet HAD messed up my intestinal flora. So I followed the diet and that helped (you can google candida diet and find loads of info on it). I have completely cut out all grains except occasionally quinoa, and don't eat any dairy or sugar or refined foods. I eat a lot more healthy fat now too and take omega 3 supplements. I also take acidophilus to help replace the good bacteria. Now, for the first time in years, I can lose weight without feeling like absolute poop!

Anyways, sorry for the long-winded answer but your post reminded me of exactly what I used to feel like. Hopefully something I said will help you.

Good luck! :)

Lizzycritter 12-02-2010 04:33 AM

I agree with the hypoglycemia. It runs in my family. You'll only test positive in the middle of an episode, I self diagnosed it too. I have a diabetic friend, and he tested me at 57 when I felt like that. My hospital tests have all been "within normal" but fasting it's usually 62-65 and they don't count you hypoglycemic until below 60. Based on my symptoms I say that's close enough. If I don't eat the second I feel the shaky/weak feeling, it quickly becomes wicked tension in the back of my neck and shoulders, and within 10-15 minutes I'll have a migraine. Cutting out sugar, artificial sweeteners (esp. aspartame/Nutrasweet) and eating more protein really helps me a lot. I read somewhere that in some people, nutrasweet causes an insulin spike because it tastes sweet and the body is expecting sugar, but the sugar isn't there so it causes a crash. That's what I feel like if I have more than a half can of diet pop. Skipping meals is guaranteed to be a problem for me, particularly breakfast, and when I make adjustments to my calorie count, I don't go down by more than 250 calories per day because it'll mess me up.

canary52 12-03-2010 08:20 PM

Have you been checked for fibromyalgia or chronic fatique syndrome? Your symptioms fit both of those. A lot of fibromyalgics (40%, according to one of my doctors) are hypoglycemic too.

Good luck on your journey to uncover the causes and to find healing. I hope you feel better.

kinmoratree 12-03-2010 08:31 PM

I wouldn't rule out anxiety here, either.

LisaAnnie 12-03-2010 11:39 PM

I'm not diabetic but I get those same symptoms a few hours afterwards if I eat a lunch that has no protein (such as a fruit salad or bagel & banana). I am sure it is a drop in blood sugar, and it is alleviated by eating or drinking something. I do not get it if I eat a chicken salad, or sandwich with meat/cheese for lunch. I think it is a form of hypoglycemia and I am just careful to not eat a high carb/no protein lunch.

Try to track exactly when it happens and what, in the hours before, prededed it.

Pixie5477 12-09-2010 12:19 AM

Thank you all for taking the time to reply. You've given me several options to explore. I really appreciate it.


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