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I have a bad ankle and I tweaked it a week ago going down some stairs- I know my body well, and it needed about 5 days or rest or so before I felt comfortable working out.

Funnily enough, for those five days I ate semi-poorly. I often kept within my calorie deficit, but I knew they were BAD calories. And then it was SO hard to get off my butt and start exercising again! I'm with almeeker, I never go work out at a gym or on a machine thinking I'm going to "enjoy" it - it's something I have to make myself do, and then afterwards, I normally just feel relief that it's over.

I'd like to get back into sports someday. THAT would be an enjoyable workout.

I started working out again yesterday - 35 hard minutes on the elliptical with "hill" intervals. Got that heart rate way up there (to the point where I had to slow down a little so I didn't overdo it) and some good sweat!

I'm focusing on cardio, but I'm going to go back tonight and extend my interval and add in some strength - probably 15 mins elliptical, 30 mins weight machines, 15 mins elliptical or stationary bike.
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