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For what it's worth, a very reputable independent study of many multi vitamins on the market found that many of them were not true to their labels, and included much less nutrients than advertised. Ironically, some of the worst offenders were among the most expensive "boutique" vitamins. I recall that One-a-Day scored very well, and that, while being among the cheapest and most available in stores, was very truthful about its contents.

I do take 1/2 serving of a multi vitamin daily (i take one rather than the two they recommend) from Trader Joe's. As was said above, placebo effect or not, I have felt more energetic since I started it. Also, I take a vitamin D supplement because my bloodwork revealed that I've been consistently very low on that. I haven't addressed this deficiency through food, so I'll be interested to see if my next round of bloodwork shows that the D supp has helped.
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