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tropicallova, I think what you are planning is a great way to get you on the road to healthy. I have found trying one thing at a time rather than going gung-ho on a diet plan is much easier. Even if it doesn't seem to be working, you are learning about healthy eating and making small changes as you learn about them. Eventually, you will find a lifestyle that works and that you can maintain. Learn as much as you can about what you are eating and how it affects you and then you can make choices for yourself, not what others tell you will work.

For me, if I go on a diet, it doesn't work because my body goes into shock and the cravings hit me like a brick wall. Counting calories and learning what does and doesn't work has been working for me for 8 months and I have changed the way I look at food. I can still enjoy what I love to eat, but now I understand what it does to my body. I have lost 20 lb and kept it off (and so far no sign that it is coming back).

On thing that I've recently learned: if I eat a lot of carbs at dinner I weigh about 3 lb more in the morning. Not sure I'm ready to cut the carbs at dinner though...

Anyway, good luck on your journey!
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