No white stuff and counting calories?

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Default No white stuff and counting calories?

I'm new to Fitday and the forums. I keep flip flopping from one diet plan to the next and it's driving me nuts. So, I've decided to simply count calories, and stay away from white stuff.

That being said, that doesn't mean I'll be eating tons of low fat pudding cups or aspartame sweetened low fat, skim milk yogurts. My goal is to eat as wholesome as possible, using stevia as a sweetener. No one is perfect, and I don't expect myself to be - as I have my favorite snacks that I want to incorporate into my diet (popcorn, sunflower seeds, etc) and not everything will be organic (can't afford it), and not processed or packaged. Point is, I am going to try my best.

Being hypothyroid, do you think that I am being too easy on myself? Is extreme low carb (atkins) really a way to go? Is a calorie,,, really just a calorie?

Does the saying "less calories in and more calories spent equal weight loss" REALLY work?

I know that everyone is different... but in general, what do you guys think? I just dont want to be wasting my time. I need to get healthier and get some of this weight off.
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I am trying to figure it out myself... I thought that spending more calories than I was eating could be enough but eventually my body adapts to the decreased intake if I don't go below a certain kcal/day. And I also noticed that my weight loss stops if I eat carbs for dinner, but maybe it's just me. I agree with you though that whatever diet I do I always count calories.
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Well I'm not sure how accurate this is, but along with being easy to break down into sugars (processed carbs), I've heard that carbs also absorb alot of water, thus a huge initial weight loss when u first start out with a low carb diet because your letting go of alot of water as well.

Who knows.

I know I'm more satisfied on a heavier protien diet, however, the INSTANT I deny myself carbs its a recipe for disaster and I will cheat, or be very miserable.

So eating complex carbs is a better thing to do in the morning, and then eventually go to no carb by the evening?
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You might find this link useful: A Different Perspective on Hypothyroidism | Mark's Daily Apple

If you are going to take the low-carb route, I'd recommend paleolithic or primal eating. A great place to start would be cutting out all grains (if you're not feeling up to this, rice and quinoa are probably alright to have, but wheat needs to be out for sure). Eventually you could consider cutting legumes and dairy as well but I still eat them in quantity even though I consider myself paleo. The basic foods are whole-food vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. The website at the beginning of this post has more information about the lifestyle.

Good luck!
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tropicallova, I think what you are planning is a great way to get you on the road to healthy. I have found trying one thing at a time rather than going gung-ho on a diet plan is much easier. Even if it doesn't seem to be working, you are learning about healthy eating and making small changes as you learn about them. Eventually, you will find a lifestyle that works and that you can maintain. Learn as much as you can about what you are eating and how it affects you and then you can make choices for yourself, not what others tell you will work.

For me, if I go on a diet, it doesn't work because my body goes into shock and the cravings hit me like a brick wall. Counting calories and learning what does and doesn't work has been working for me for 8 months and I have changed the way I look at food. I can still enjoy what I love to eat, but now I understand what it does to my body. I have lost 20 lb and kept it off (and so far no sign that it is coming back).

On thing that I've recently learned: if I eat a lot of carbs at dinner I weigh about 3 lb more in the morning. Not sure I'm ready to cut the carbs at dinner though...

Anyway, good luck on your journey!
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No whites - good choice! I have all but quit bread, pasta and anything else with white flour or sugar. I use Splenda for my coffee and Ancient Grain Tortillas for my 'sandwich' type foods. Like others - you have to find what works for YOU, your lifestyle, your level of exercise etc. I came to believe that (1) every 'body' is different and (2) I really do know intuitively what I need and (3) I need to eat 'clean'. Be patient with yourself, you will figure it out. Research, test and try new foods.
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