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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
Hey jake,

unfortunately I'm not on msn but I'd be glad to answer more questions about my diet and my fitness plan here, to the benefit of all.

Low carb, "paleo" is how I eat. It's not a "diet" per se that I go "on," more like I've been eating this way for almost nine months and I've noticed some dramatic changes in my body composition. My weight has stayed almost the same, I dropped about five pounds in all, but I've noticeably slimmed down, dropped from 34 waist to 32-33 waist and put on considerably more muscle. Now I'm looking to add on another 5-10lbs of muscle but this is where the journey turns uphill, as adding muscle is really hard for me.

Calorie restriction is what you're looking for if you just want to plain lose weight. But the low carb, high fat, moderate protein balance I subscribe to helps you hang onto the muscle as you're losing body fat, instead of cannibalizing it to feed a high-carb inferno starving for protein. In the long run, this means you keep your metabolic benefits from having said muscle, while maintaining a solid baseline amount to build from when it's time to bulk.
With your low carb high fat med protein plan, how many grams of fat and protein?
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