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Default Hey all!

Hey there guy's. New member here haha. Okay so life story now, was about 126kgs 4 months ago. Managed to cut down to about 97 (currently) but I am wanting to lose the last 7-10 kgs to get me to a healthy weight, and build mass too. I am going to the gym 4 x's a week, doing a moderate set and reps of the weight machines, biking 10k's, rowing 1k and running 2-3ks. I am also wanting to slowly build mass too. So to all clued up people, here is my question/s. What sort of diet is a good diet to stick to (no gimmicks or lose wight quick, just real info) and what foods should I eat to gain mass also. If you can give me an example of daily food list that would be great! Any information really. I have a moderate budget to buy food on, seeing I am not rich, but I am committed and am willing to take any genuine advice. Thanks in advance Jake.

Edit: I am 19, 6ft and a broad build, like my shoulders and what not, sorry I am not clued up on this, as I am not a professional, but as builds go, I am a broader than average build.

But any information I will find useful on my quest for success will be awesome.

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