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this is one of the stupidest threads i've ever read.. i know im a new member, but reading countless threads across various forums, this VLCD is a good way to fail, make yourself sick, be miserable, etc, etc....

u lost 19lbs in 6weeks?

i just started, im 215, after 6weeks of a 2000 cal diet a day, lifting weights 3x a week for 40-50min, and ZERO cardio, i have lost 15lbs... and put on muscle...

your low cal is just dropping water weight mostly, along with muscle, and fat of course, you need to eat more...

ppl can not grasp how important eating is to losing fat... keeping muscle, having good health... and being happy..

all you are doing is starving yourself, and its sad... i hope you change your mind about this VLCD garbage..

sry to be harsh but so be it
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