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1anamia 04-25-2010 03:17 PM

Fasting Anyone?
When i was younger i used to suffer from an eating dissorder.. and fasting was my addiction.
But now that im older and mostly recovered i decided to go on a fast again.. only this time with a lil help and advice from the dr.

Has anyone ever used fasting as a weightloss method or am i the only one lol?:confused:

777Traceyann 04-27-2010 10:05 AM

Hi I'm not fasting but am doing the St Tropez well say doing I stopped taking it after 3 days as I couldnt work on them I was too speedy and distracted. I have lost 5 lb in 3 days and today I have not taken a tablet but keeping my calorie intake between 500 and 1000 ( I'm not excersing ) I know its drastic but for me its working I need to lose 4 stone !

jonr71 04-27-2010 12:06 PM

Needing to lose 4 stone is one thing, trying to do it by fasting or dramatically reducing calorie intake is very different.

I am not sure what Doctor would subscribe to fasting especially with someone with a history of eating disorders of this kind. Just think this through... just because your Doctor is supporting you, is this really sensible with your history when other sensible options are available?

I think that the best advice anyone could give, is to stop doing things that are bad for your body (you should have had enough of that once you realised you had gained weight). Fasting is bad for your body and will encourage the body to burn lean tissue (Muscle) rather than fat. Your chances of maintaining the weight loss are next to zero as you will not have changed your lifestyle. (you cannot fast forever so you are most likely to return to the habits that caused the weight gain).

If you have weight to lose, eat a healthy amount of food that gives you the goodness your body needs. Exercise regularly at an elevated heart rate and you will see the weight come off. You should also get some personal satisfaction and you might even learn to love the lifestyle.

I baffles me that despite all the available evidence of what actually works, people are prepared to put their health at risk by doing this kind of thing....

sw07 04-27-2010 03:53 PM

I only fast when I'm asleep;)

dominique81560 04-27-2010 09:53 PM

I usually fast one day aweek. Like sundays. Iusually stay away from solids and just drink a lot of juice. once or twice a week I go vegitarian. I find it a good way to maintain and clean out in a natural way.

Izzybackyet 04-28-2010 01:07 AM

fasting as a form of weight loss dieting is nearly always a very bad idea.Anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder should be doubly cautious about fasting.Remember, you are depriving your body and mind of much needed nutrients.Healthy eating is always the best option

777Traceyann 04-28-2010 09:29 AM

I'm still eating a healthy diet just reducing my calorie intake and portion size... I'm not hungry and unfortunately due to my job I don't burn off the calories because I am sitting down most of the day. I do agree if there has been an eating disorder in the past then this is a very risky line to cross. But I personally feel as a kick start to shed a few unwanted pounds and to detox and cleanse the body fasting for 24 hours and only drinking lemon mint or juniper tea is an wonderful body cleanse.

rpmcduff 05-07-2010 02:27 AM

There is some information at [URL=""] . It is called Intermittent Fasting or the Warrior Diet.

NICKI4NYC 05-14-2010 12:04 PM

VLCD works pretty well...
I'm on a VLCD, I eat less then 800 calories per day. Most days I eat probably about 600 calories or less. I'm trying to stay as far under 800 as possible to get the best results. My metabolism has slowed down some but not enough to stop me from losing body fat. I have a scale that measures body fat and it shows the % has lessened greatly since when I started. I am not hungry much and I have been able to readjust my eating habits for the long haul. I look a lot different from when I started. I've lost about 19 LBS in six weeks, so I guess that's like 3 LBS per week on average. I think the not being hungry is the most appealing part of this and the reason that I wouldn't diet any other way but this one. I take multi-vitamins and try to balance out what I am eating making sure I have protein in my low calorie meals, whether it's something that was prepared at home or a frozen meal or even if I go out to eat at a restaurant. It's really not as difficult as it was in the beginning and counting calories has become a habit for me and I'm very happy about that, since that will keep me at my ideal weight.

Lost 19 Lbs, 47 more to go... I'll get there! Best wishes everyone!:D

liquidsky561 05-31-2010 10:47 AM

this is one of the stupidest threads i've ever read.. i know im a new member, but reading countless threads across various forums, this VLCD is a good way to fail, make yourself sick, be miserable, etc, etc....

u lost 19lbs in 6weeks?

i just started, im 215, after 6weeks of a 2000 cal diet a day, lifting weights 3x a week for 40-50min, and ZERO cardio, i have lost 15lbs... and put on muscle...

your low cal is just dropping water weight mostly, along with muscle, and fat of course, you need to eat more...

ppl can not grasp how important eating is to losing fat... keeping muscle, having good health... and being happy..

all you are doing is starving yourself, and its sad... i hope you change your mind about this VLCD garbage..

sry to be harsh but so be it

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