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Originally Posted by hmjfit View Post
I just came across Fitday by accident, really, but thought maybe it's what I need to lose weight. I eat healthy on the whole, am pretty current about nutrition, exercise regularly (mostly yoga, but some cardio, too, though I' sure I need to add more), and yet, I cannot seem to lose weight. I feel like if I breath air, I gain another pound! I'm fifty, but haven't (yet) hit menopause, so I keep thinking maybe my body is preparing for that. If I'm honest with myself, I know that I do overeat at times. Usually healthy stuff--hummus, nuts, Indian food (basically any ethnic food), but still, overeating is overeating, no matter how healthy the food. My cholesterol is, according to my doctor, FANTASTIC, so no worries there, and my blood pressure is good. So, really, I just have to somehow get this weight thing under control. I think about my weight (and my waistline) way too much--it is really getting me down and I am just plain frustrated! I'm hoping Fitday will help me make the little (or big) changes I need to make.
Hi, hmjfit.
I have just joined FitDay. I was another site and lost 30 lbs. in the past year. I have been bounce around 2-5 lbs. now for several months. I am also 50...I will be 51 in July. and I am in full blown menopause. I think way too much about my waist also and I do overeat too. I like the FitDay is laid out over the other LoseIt! site that I was on.

Good to here your bp & cholesterol are good. My Cholesterol is a little high, I'm on bp pills, I am diabetic...hypoglycemic! I have to eat regular or my sugar drops.

Nice to meet you. I hope you do well.

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