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3 Types of Food that Will Make Your Body Feel Sluggish

Food can make your body feel ready for action or sluggish, depending on what you eat. As you go down the following list of food types that zap your energy, note that simply overeating--wolfing down a super-sized submarine sandwich or over-sized fried-food platter--can make you drowsy no matter what the ingredients. That's a key reason why fitness experts advise you to space your meals out throughout the day, whether three main meals or five mini-meals, so that your body can be refueled as often as it needs refueling, at work and at play.

Winding Down

Unbless it really is a good time for you to kick off your shoes and curl up on a comfy sofa, avoid these three types of food.

  • 1. Carbs--Certain foods put a damper on your energy because they release glucose into the bloodstream quickly after consumption. White rice, mashed white potatoes, pasta and white bread are key examples. These are referred to as "high glycaemic index" foods and they may make you feel very tired.
  • 2. Fats--Fried foods, meats with a high fat content, and oily snack foods, such as cheese curls, corn chips and potato chips, can bring on the yawns. That's because you are making your digestive system work harder than usual to process the fats. Eating a meal of high-fat meat, sauces, and cheese toppings can really make you feel robbed of energy once you leave the table.
  • 3. Sugary Foods--Last but certainly not least are energy-zapping sugary foods. These include cakes, doughnuts, candy, ice cream, pudding and cookies. The real culprit is all that refined sugar. These foods raise your blood sugar levels. Your body in turn releases insulin, which triggers tryptophan. The chain of events continues to worsen, where the tryptophan is converted into serotonin. This last component is the neurotransmitter in your brain that tells your body "We're tired. Slow down."

Don't Forget the Drinks

Knowing the kinds of food that winds your body down, however, doesn't mean you are entirely safe from meals that propel you toward nap time. Make sure you steer clear of certain drinks that can undo your best efforts to stay alert.

Namely, too much caffeine throughout the day can reduce your stamina. Caffeine, instead of perking your body up, can have the opposite effect when you drink cup after cup.

Another red light should be placed in front of any alcohol drinks that are offered with your meals. Just one glass can make you feel sluggish. Red wine, in particular, has melatonin, known as the "sleep" chemical that helps to regulate your sleep cycle.

Other Culprits

Turkey is said make the body feel like curling up and resting because it has the essential amino acid, tryptophan. Turkey is not the only culprit. Other foods that have tryptophan include cottage cheese, tofu and hummus. The list of food components that induce sleepiness does not stop with tryptophan, either.

Halibut, bananas, pumpkin seeds, and green leafy vegetables are all healthful foods, yet they have the sleep-inducing component of magnesium. In particular, magnesium relaxes your muscles. Melatonin is another compound in food that should be avoided unless you really want to rest or sleep. Researchers find that the Montmorency tart cherry has high levels of melatonin.

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