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How Brazilian Doctors Are Using Tilapia to Treat Burn Victims

Doctors in Brazil are using tilapia fish skin as an experimental treatment for burn victims. Traditional burn treatment includes placing frozen pig skin on burns ... Read More »

What to Do if Your Pharmacist Refuses Your Prescription Because of "Personal Beliefs"

A teenaged girl in New Mexico was refused a prescription because the pharmacist working at her local Walgreens cited personal beliefs. The medications in question ... Read More »

4 Ab Workouts That Aren't Crunches

Maybe you just really hate crunches. Or maybe you’ve been doing crunches for eons and aren’t seeing the results you want. It turns ... Read More »

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Eat Lunch at Your Desk

Somehow eating lunch at your desk is an easy default. In fact, somewhere around two-thirds of office workers do it. You might think that you’... Read More »

Do UV Sanitizing Lights Really Work?

The ability to zap germs with a light instead of toxic ingredients like bleach? It almost sounds like a science fiction movie or a futuristic ... Read More »

Can Cell Phones Cause Sterility?

Men are famously able to breed throughout their lifespan, although newer research indicates that a loss in sperm quality takes place around the age of 50. ... Read More »

Should You Wash Workout Clothes After Every Single Use?

For most of us, working out is a chore. And so is laundry. Watching a pile of sports bras, leggings, sweat-wicking tops and running shorts ... Read More »

Are the Health Foods You’re Buying as Healthy as They Say?

Brands may be using a marketing strategy known as a “health halo” to fool you into thinking that the foods you are buying are more ... Read More »

80s and 90s Workout Videos That Still Make You Sweat

Before there were INSANITY and Tracy Anderson DVD collections to work out to in the comfort of your own home, there were workout videos of ... Read More »

6 Shoes That Are Bad For Your Feet

High heels may hurt like heck after a day at the office or a night out, but they’re not the only type of footwear ... Read More »

How What You Wear (or Don't Wear) to Bed Can Affect Your Health

Are you a nude sleeper? Or do you love to pile on the flannel PJs? How about socks? Or underwear? You might be wondering why ... Read More »

Which Social Media Is the Worst for Your Mental Health

A study by The Royal Society for Public Health has named Instagram as the worst social media site for mental. It was also followed by ... Read More »

How to Start Working Out (If You Haven’t Since High School Gym Class)

When you haven’t worked it in a while, be it a month or years, it can be hard to get into the habit. From ... Read More »

Why is Cranberry Juice Good for UTIs?

At any age, the standard treatment for a UTI is to drink an obscene amount of cranberry juice. Kind of like fighting a cold with ... Read More »

Why Do Vitamins Smell Weird?

Have you ever noticed that distinctive odor when you open a bottle of vitamins? Or maybe it takes a few weeks before you start to ... Read More »

These Are the Most Dangerous Insect Bites

Whether seeing a spider crawling through your kitchen sends you searching from a magazine or you prefer a catch and release technique, there is a ... Read More »

What is the Ideal Skincare Nighttime Regimen

You’re probably used to washing your face twice a day, but as you grow up, have a job, kids and other responsibilities, you may ... Read More »

How Meditation Affects Your Brain

If you spend any time learning about health and wellness or searching for ways to destress, then you’ve probably found that meditation frequently comes ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Both men and women have a pelvic floor, although pelvic floor dysfunction is much more prevalent in women than in men. In women, the pelvic ... Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Online Therapy

Online therapy lets you enjoy the benefits of therapy from the comfort of your own home, but does it really have the same impact as ... Read More »

Before Getting the Laxatives Try These Natural Cures for Constipation

It happens to the best of us from time to time: the dreaded constipation. Constipation varies from person to person and you may find yourself ... Read More »

Should You Be Oiling Your Pubic Hair a la Emma Watson?

"Beauty & the Beast" star Emma Watson recently revealed her beauty routine to the Into the Gloss blog and in her unusually frank answer revealed that ... Read More »

How Likely Is It That You'll Get Sick as a Result of Double-Dipping?

Watching a stranger at a party take a chip, dip it, take a bite, and then go in for another dip has become a cultural ... Read More »

7 Reasons Your Eye is Twitching

Eye twitching is more common for the lower lid, but the lower lid can also get in on the action. Usually, eye twitches come and ... Read More »

3 Cleanses That Are Worth Going On

Cleanses are notoriously divisive in the health community. One school of thought is that you need to go on a periodic cleanse to get rid ... Read More »

4 Health Issues That Manifest Differently in Women

There are many diseases and health conditions that affect both men and women but medical science is only first beginning to recognize that although men ... Read More »

Mashed up Mice, Toad Pills, and More of History's Strangest Medical Treatments

Back in the day, before modern medicine and antibiotics, there were a variety of treatments, cures, potions and notions as to how to heal the ... Read More »

Is the Squatty Potty Right for You?

Did you know that you probably are pooping incorrectly? The inventor of the Squatty Potty is on a mission to get people pooping properly. You’... Read More »

7 Things You Didn't Know About Menopause

For some women, menopause seems like a nightmare with all the stereotypes about hot flashes, night sweats and an end to enjoying sex. It turns ... Read More »

Is Giraffe Milk the Next Trendy Superfood?

It seems that the famous scene in "Meet the Parents" where Ben Stiller asserts that you can milk anything with nipples has bred a bunch ... Read More »