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Should You Be Oiling Your Pubic Hair a la Emma Watson?

"Beauty & the Beast" star Emma Watson recently revealed her beauty routine to the Into the Gloss blog and in her unusually frank answer revealed that ... Read More »

How Likely Is It That You'll Get Sick as a Result of Double-Dipping?

Watching a stranger at a party take a chip, dip it, take a bite, and then go in for another dip has become a cultural ... Read More »

7 Reasons Your Eye is Twitching

Eye twitching is more common for the lower lid, but the lower lid can also get in on the action. Usually, eye twitches come and ... Read More »

3 Cleanses That Are Worth Going On

Cleanses are notoriously divisive in the health community. One school of thought is that you need to go on a periodic cleanse to get rid ... Read More »

4 Health Issues That Manifest Differently in Women

There are many diseases and health conditions that affect both men and women but medical science is only first beginning to recognize that although men ... Read More »

Mashed up Mice, Toad Pills, and More of History's Strangest Medical Treatments

Back in the day, before modern medicine and antibiotics, there were a variety of treatments, cures, potions and notions as to how to heal the ... Read More »

Is the Squatty Potty Right for You?

Did you know that you probably are pooping incorrectly? The inventor of the Squatty Potty is on a mission to get people pooping properly. You’... Read More »

7 Things You Didn't Know About Menopause

For some women, menopause seems like a nightmare with all the stereotypes about hot flashes, night sweats and an end to enjoying sex. It turns ... Read More »

Is Giraffe Milk the Next Trendy Superfood?

It seems that the famous scene in "Meet the Parents" where Ben Stiller asserts that you can milk anything with nipples has bred a bunch ... Read More »

6 Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Following

Fitness trends come and go but a few fitness bloggers have discovered the secret to staying power: creating a program that really works because it ... Read More »

5 Activewear Lines That'll Keep You Motivated (and Looking Good)

Part of the problem with hitting the gym is finding something to wear. Luckily, the whole athleisure movement has taken care of that because you ... Read More »

Namasdrake Plus 7 More of the Strangest Workout Classes

From very specific music choices to crazy acrobatics, there is pretty much a workout class for that in any major city. Basically, if it can ... Read More »

6 Destinations for a Fitness-Friendly Getaway

Traveling is a notorious diet breaker, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re fitness-minded, pack your own bag of snacks and then ... Read More »

7 Foods That Make Your Farts Smell Even Worse

Beans aren’t the only magical fruits that make your farts smell bad. Certain foods make your farts smell worse than others because they have ... Read More »

5 Things No One Told You About Having a Baby

Having a baby is very exciting and scary and weird. But mostly, having a baby in real life is pretty much nothing like it appears ... Read More »

The Benefits of Nude Yoga

Nude yoga may just seem like a trendy form of fitness practiced by the beautiful celebrity bodies of the world, but it’s anything but. ... Read More »

7 Common Misconceptions About Contraception

Contraception, in one form or another, has been around since people first started getting busy. Yet despite the long-time use, there still tends to be ... Read More »

The Medical Explanation for Dying of a Broken Heart

It’s not just a romantic sentiment found in movies or novels. You really can die of a broken heart. Victims of a broken heart ... Read More »

Exercises for Better Sex in Your Golden Years

It’s often shocking to younger generations to discover that older generations still get it on. Even more shocking, seniors tend to report being more ... Read More »

The Supermodel Skincare Routine Is a Lot Simpler Than You Think

Supermodels may look flawless at all times, but that's their job. In reality, they work really hard to be flawless and have picked up tricks ... Read More »

How to Work out Even When It's Really, Really Hot

When it's hot out, you can start sweating even before you hit the streets. It's important that you stay safe, even in the heat. Take ... Read More »

Porn Star Tasha Reign Shares Her Tips for Staying Fit and Camera Ready

Tasha Reign is one of the porn stars who gave us her tips for getting in shape and staying camera ready at all times. We ... Read More »

The Best Foods for a Clear Complexion

It turns out that your latest breakout may have more to do with what you ate than who your parents are. Genetics does play a ... Read More »

Can a Hickey Kill You?

Dying from a hickey sounds like an urban legend, right up there with succumbing to a mixture of pop rocks and soda. However, a news ... Read More »

How a Teeth Cleaning Can Put You in a Coma

If you take care of your health, you likely take care of your teeth. Usually, this means heading to the dentist at least once a ... Read More »

Hate Eating Veggies? It Might Be How You're Cooking 'Em

Somehow growing up doesn't make eating your vegetables any tastier than trying to eat them when you were a kid. If you still don't like ... Read More »

What Is LISS and What Does It Mean for How You Exercise?

LISS is a form of cardio that has actually been around for years but has recently come more into vogue as hardcore cardio fiends look ... Read More »

Why Houseplants Are Good for Your Mental Health

Getting outside and being surrounded by nature is an excellent way to relax and refresh. But it turns out that you can get some of ... Read More »

How Long Should You Shower?

It may seem like the only way to get clean is to take a long, hot, steaming shower. Or maybe you’re the type that ... Read More »

Cryotherapy: Does It Work? And What Are the Risks?

Cryotherapy is being hailed as a sort of miracle cure for everything from pain to anti-aging treatments. Basically, it’s a technologically advanced version of ... Read More »