1000cals, negativity, and why I gave up.

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Your post is right on gallusgal. I have done many a face palm with some of the stuff I have read on the forums...especially when absolutes start getting thrown around. Everyone is different, and calorie intake needs are determined by the individual's body not some arbitrary number. A sub compact car does not need as much fuel as a hummer, and our bodies are the same way.

I wish more people would actually research the body's "starvation mode" before commenting on it. If people looked into it, they would see that you would have consistently have your calories well, and I mean well below below 1000 per day before it kicked in.

Anyways, good luck with what you are doing and know that not everyone shares the misconceptions that you are noticing.
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Default You go girl!

I'm 5"1' and hypothryoid. I've actually gained weight on a 1200-1000 cal diet and had to go down to 800 for a time until they fixed the thyroid level and after I had gained 25 lb! No you won't starve! Eat what your body needs and if it's 1000 calories... then you go girl, summer's coming! Wishing you the Best
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I believe when eating a low calorie diet it is critical that the calories have the most nutritional value possible. I personally eat a lot of raw vegetables, a piece of fruit, cooked egg whites, lean meat protein and yogurt with Total & Kashi cereal added and come in under 1000 calories a day.
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I wholeheartedly agree. Before I found this forum, I lost 20 lbs without logging any of my food at all. I just gauged my hunger levels and didn't eat until I was actually full on hungry and avoided junk food most all the time. People in life used to tell me "you HAVE to log your food and keep a food journal." No, I didn't. I lost plenty without doing that. It worked best for me then because that was a point in time where I couldn't have handled the logging but I really needed to lose. I haven't gained it back either. I'm just working on the proverbial last 10 lbs.
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1000 calories is fine if your metabolism is garbage or you're a sloth. People that push their bodies to the limits everyday definitely need those extra calories. You can survive off 1000 calories, but why the hell would you?
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Most people seem to miss the point that it is caloric deficit not total calories consumed that determine if an individual will gain or lose weight. Since the OP is consistently losing 2 lbs a week then she must be at approximately a 500 cal deficit daily although her total intake is 1000 cal. That same 500 cal deficit could mean intake of 1500 or 2000 or 3500 for others. It all depends on your height, age, physical activity and your individual metabolism. While I have posted cautioning about 1000 calorie deficits stalling results, I have never meant that to mean that 1000 calories of intake would be a be a bad thing for a individual with a small frame. I apologize if any of my posts were written poorly and construed in this manner.
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Thanks for the encouraging replies. I haven't been on the forum much at all lately for the reasons I stated in my OP, but was happy to log on and report thhis morning that I have now lost forty pounds. It has not been difficult, in actual fact it has been enjoyable. I have rediscovered my favourite foods, and I actually understand now why I let myself get so heavy in the first place.

It is wonderful to go shopping for clothes in normal sizes. I threw all of my fat clothes away, I am never, ever going to do that to myself again.

I eat when I am hungry but I make sensible choices, and my 1000 cals goes a long way when it comes to lean meat, fish, fruit and veg. I avoid white foods, and the only bread I eat is WW malted, it is yummy.

I feel like a new woman. Sexy, confident and happy.

I am posting this because I remember coming here back in January and reading other people's successes, it really helped me and I hope that I can help others too. Keep up the good work guys, do what is right for you. Listen to your body and do whatever works for you. I have at least another 30lbs to lose, but now I know it will happen, I know that I CAN do it.
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