Need to lose 60 lbs. Who else?

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Red face Need to lose 60 lbs. Who else?

Well actually it is 59 to be exact to my goal weight.
Im NEW to this forum and it seems like it will help keep me motivated.
I am 32 yrs old, married, with a full time day job (sitting mostly). Last year I managed to lose almost 40 lbs (thanks to Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones and Tori Spellings eating plan). Then went on vacation and never really got back into working out, couldnt get motivated. And now I have gained it back. So now Im am back at my starting weight of 174 (Im only 5ft) and would like to get back down to 115 lbs.
I probably havent worn shorts out in public in maybe 10 yrs! I have tree stump legs. UGH!
Anyone else have about 60 lbs to lose?
Does anyone workout with their Wii? I just recently bought Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Dance Party 3. Waiting for Walk it Out to be delivered and need to pick up Golds Gym Cardio at Walmart tomorrow.

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I hear ya...I need to lose just about the same...I'd like to lose 70..but I NEED to lose 40. And I sit all day, so it doesn't really help...and I find it hard to get motivated to exercise, but once I get into a routine again I'm sure it will make it easier. I think that's mostly what it is...routine.
I just joined this site a few days ago, and have been really dedicated to being healthier and counting my calories. Thus far going from eating whatever I watned and whenever I watned thinking I'd never lose weight anyway...from counting my calories and shifting to better foods I've already lost a little over four pounds in just a few days! I'm confident I can reach my goal by the end of the year...a nice steady pace...and I know you can too!
Oh...and I do work out with our Wii too...we have a Wii fit, and it helps me keep track of my weight, and then I like doing stretching exercises and different aerobic stuff that they have on there. It's GREAT!
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I also have about 60 pounds to lose. Maybe we could exchange e-mail and or facebooks to help keep each other motivated! I know that one of my problems is that no-one around me has the same amount of weight to lose that I do so it makes it hard to have someone who can motivate and help me reach my goal. I also have the Wii that I work out on!
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I am in a very similar situation. I am 31, two kids, busy, busy, busy, and I have just over 50 lbs to lose. So overwhelming. This is the heaviest I've been, including pregnancies. Yikes.
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I am 50y/o and post menopause. I am a busy nurse and my body is used to the running around. January first I stepped on a scale and was a bit over 200#, I began with a goal of 65 pounds. I did WW and took off 25#, then got bored at the restriction of points and am on my own. I love this site, I can track everything - food, activity, weight, mood.... I belong to a gym, but I can't find motivation. I have a Wii... it looks great on the shelf. =-( I am currently reading Dr. Oz tips on healthy eating. I just want to do it right, not yo-yo and put on more.

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Default hi

oh boy i so have that to lose, i too am an older person in here, been in fit day
for 2 years almost but never been in here, just sick of being a lone with my stupid weightloss thinking, i am not sure wot 60 pounds is but yeah i am sure i need to lose it i started 94kg and went to 58kg but lost the plot got complacent went up to 74 kg so i need to get a good focus and reach my gaol but sadly have to get off heaps of weight i already had lost grr i suck.
so yeah any ways i am on this journey to reach my ultimate goal, figure that
i need to have a new goal just under old goal as this will allow for the occaisional splurge, its my thinking any way 1st goal is to be 71 kg have to do this
my email is
[email protected]
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We'll I have not been on here in awhile but I still have lost some more weight.I have lost a total now of 81lbs , and still have 54lbs to go. I have seen many changes in my body along the way and if I were to guess what was fat and what was muscle before I started I would have been way way off.Fat has a way of looking and feeling like muscle or at least on me it did.The different transformations I have seen are really interesting,I used to say that I had a big frame or big boned, but in fact it was just fact packed on making it look like muscle.Sorry to ramble on .
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Hi...I also have a little over 60lbs. to lose. I just signed up on this web site today. My friend told me about it last night. I'm 33, have 2 busy little boys and I work about 30 or more hours a week on a computer. So I sit a lot. I also am trying to use our Wii more. We bought the Wii Fit Plus a little over a month ago. I really like it but I have a hard time getting up the energy to use it a lot. After work, making dinner, then getting my boys to bed, it's just hard to get myself motivated enought to do it. I also have an elliptical trainer in my living room that I'm trying to motivate myself to do more too. I've been trying to follow the South Beach Diet but it's been hard especially cuz my husband isn't doing it with me. Anyways, I really like this site so far. I forgot everything I've eaten today but I'm going to try to get on here tomorrow and start logging what I eat. I think it will help to keep me in check with what I'm eating.
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Hi, im 16 and i need to lose 60 lb. too!
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Hiya all im 25, mum to 2 kids and last year with weightwatchers i went from 224lbs to my current weight which is 172lbs. Ive got 22lbs to go til i hit my goal of 150lbs! I lost all willpower from November and just ate what i liked but thankfully i didnt gain any weight just havent lost any.
I joined fitday last week and im i think its the best thing to keep me going, once i start the binge eating again i seem to give up and wait another week to satart again but it just doesnt happen. This has changed now and ive lost 4lbs this week cos ive really stuck to my allowance and stopped all the bad habits i got myself back into.
I know i dont have 60lbs tolose but once upon a time i had to lose 75lbs and im over halfway. I know how daunting it sounds and at times it seems impossible. I never thought i could come as far as i have. Just keep going and dont give up-everybody at fitday is here to help and support you on this incredible journey. Im here for any words of encouragement and any advice i can share or just for some support. GOOD LUCK
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