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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Yes, but what is your total calorie burn for the day? Not just exercise.

You want to have a deficit (total calories burned minus calories eaten) of 3500 for the week in order to lose a pound a week.

How long have you been at this?
Agree... People worry way too much about carbs.... Its all about calories in and calories out. If i eat under my calorie expenditure I WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

If im burning 2500 calories a day and eating 2000 calories consisted of a pizza topped by donuts top by sugar topped by chocolate, i will lose weight.

Only people that should worry about carbs are diabetics.

Study after study have shown a carb is just a carb by the way. Only out dated research show other wise. All the current studies show this... Too lasy to post source. Belive me or don't .. best thing to do is do your own research and find out for your self.
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Originally Posted by RamseyOilman View Post
I am new... is there a guide to show how many carbs and the amount of sugar one should have daily. I am down below 1,800 calories, but not losing weight - and I exercise 4 times a week... SO thinking it is carbs and sugars...Any info is appreciated
Find out your average daily calorie expenditure.. Most important part.

eat 300 to 500 below that.

1 gram of protein per pound of body weight
.30g to .75g of HEALTHY fat per pound of body weight
Rest in carbs of any kind.

Btw.. most people (my self included) think we are burning a lot more calories in a day then we actually are. If you are eating below 1800 cal a day and am not losing weight.. it has nothing to do with carbs. It is because you are eating above the amount of calories you are burning a day.

eat less calories or work out more.. or do both

P.S. Eating less calories doesn't mean eating less quantity of food of course.
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Originally Posted by denise1021 View Post
Try cutting your carbs and use STEVIA instead of regular sugar. It is NOT a synthetic sugar but 100% natural. Also check out Truvia. Hope this helps. It helped me with my notorious sweet tooth (LOL)
hello, i noticed your post. Truvia contains items like dextrose. you are using an artificial sweetner, known as an excitotoxin, which at body temperature has multiple side effects that our bodies are not made for. our brain cells is one of the few. good luck

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