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Default quitting smoking

Anybody out there have any success with quitting smoking AND continuing to lose weight? If so, how did you manage/cope? I know ultimately it is better for my health to quit smoking and gain a few pounds, but honestly I am on such a good roll with my weight right now I just don't want to gain any of it back...
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i quit smoking in february of this year, and it was at the same time that i was just starting trying to make changes with my eating. i did successfully lose weight during my quit process. i think a big part of it was that i was aware of the fact that when many people quit they turn to eating to keep their hands and mouth busy. i tried to not give in to my sweet tooth cravings and things like that, and instead i tried to have healthy things to eat like fruits during those times. but mostly i just checked in with my hunger...do i want to eat because i'm actually hungry or is it because i'm anxious and need something to keep me busy? i was really strict with myself about logging everything and staying within my calorie range each day. good luck to you! i feel a million times better now that i stopped, and i'm so happy i was finally able to kick the habit (i used chantix to help me quit).
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I quit smoking too. It's hard! I began running so I am hoping quitting will help me increase my distance and speed. It is difficult to cope with the food and nicotine cravings!
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I feel your pain. I am a smoker, again, trying to quit, again. I had quit 5-6 years ago, but picked it back up about a year ago.

When I quit before, I just quit. Cold turkey. It was weird because I didn't have any problem with it. But, now I'm having a hard time just putting it down.

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i tried to quit so many times over the years and failed...until i got a prescription for chantix. it was amazing! no withdrawals, quit in 1 week (february 11, 2012) and haven't picked up one since. i really recommend checking with your doctor about it to see if it would be right for you. it made quitting a breeze.
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Default Hypnosis

I have recently quit and have not gained but have begun to lose weight . I went to see a hypnotist and it was easy! I had tried those mp3s and recordings but seeing a real live hypnotist made the difference for me.
I really thought that I would put on weight. This was one of the reasons I kept smoking. I know that I heard every word they said but I honestly can not remember any specifics. It was so relaxing but took 2 days before I finally stopped without any effort and without any side effects. I should try it for weightloss!
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I have put off giving up smoking again because last time I put on a lot of weight, someone I work with has done the hypnosis and he hasn't started again. There is a local woman doing it, it does cost a bit but she guarantees for life so one payment gets you as many sessions as you need. Previously I have used patches (worked for 3 months) cold turkey (ouch) pregnant so cold turkey (best of the lot, I stopped for almost 3 years, why oh why did I start again!!!) and champix which was working but I stopped taking it too early because it made me feel really sick, once I stopped taking it the cravings came back because I didn't wean off like you are supposed to. most of my starting again related to either having 'just one' at a party, or my friends and partner constantly smoking around me making it much harder. I think I Might try the hypnosis before the end of the year. It might be my best bet yet.
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Default Cold Turkey

Hi, I gave up smoking (cold turkey) Feb just gone & started to put on more weight. This was a good thing, for now I'm dieting, joined a gym & train inbetween.

Giving up drinking then smoking & then tackling my weight problem all within a few months of each other are the three greatest things I have done for myself. All my life I made excuses on why not to give up smoking, but at the end of the day I was just kidding myself.

Some folk do put on weight when they first give up smoking, but with the right diet & exercise the weight will soon come off.
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I had trouble quitting cigs. chantix, patch, weaning, cold turkey. I just couldn't do it. Then I discovered the e-cig, worked like a charm. Haven't had a real cig since May 2010. After a few weeks I could climb stairs and exercise comfortably. I could breath again! I know quitting is better but I didn't have the willpower. If your having trouble quitting maybe give e-cigs a try.
Lots of info here www.e-cigarette-forum.com
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Default Quit smoking and Help yourself through Nicorette.


One of the best products that I have ever come across to quit smoking is Nicorette Gum and I believe in that product because today with the help of that I used Nicorette Gum that allowed me to actively control on how much nicotine I used & when I used it.
I used Low Strength 2mg Gum: Since it was suitable for me, I use to smoke approx 12 cigarettes a day.
And so with the 12 Week Nicotine Replacement Plan of Nicorette I quit smoking. Today it’s been almost more than 6months and I don't get any cravings.
Thanks and Cheers to Nicorette and its Quit smoking Products.

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