frustrated after having the bypass surgery

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Unhappy frustrated after having the bypass surgery

can anyone please help me ?

my name is Yandry, im 22 yrs old and now weighing 293lbs. i just had the gastric bypass surgery on May 7, 2012 weighing at 316lbs. my goal is to be 160lbs.

i used to be a emotional eater. i am now on stage 2 of my diet which is puree food. since my surgery i have to combine 48-64 oz of liquids, 3 meals, my protein shakes and medicines which includes Multivitamin,calcium twice a day and iron.

to be honest im so frustrated and mad. i cant eat anything except for sugar free Jell-o, greek yogurt, apple sauce, sugar free pudding and sugar free Popsicle. when i try something else i get nauseous and discomfort, it feels horrible i cant even drink water without having pain in my stomach, sometimes i get so sad and depress when i see my family eating and i cant, i get bored easily of eating the same food over and over. i feel weak and dizzy all the time, i have become so lazy dont even want to go out and when i do i have to stop and recover myself from the dizziness and short of breath.

can anyone share their story and help me out to feel better and what to eat, i was a sugar addict and its so hard to live without sweets.
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Surgery fixed your stomach, but it didn't fix your head. Get counseling to fix your head. You were a food addict, and now your crutch has been taken away. Focus on healing, it will get easier. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by caz.purr View Post
Surgery fixed your stomach, but it didn't fix your head. Get counseling to fix your head. You were a food addict, and now your crutch has been taken away. Focus on healing, it will get easier. Good luck.
Exactly! Surgery may have fixed the symptom, but it did not fix the disease. Look into Over-eaters anonymous.

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Sugar-free foods are said to make people crave sugar even more. It looks like your entire diet consists of sweet tasting foods. I don't know what you are allowed to eat after that kind of surgery but if you eat normal food pureed like meat and vegetables and stop taking in sweet foods for a few weeks you can lose your craving for them. It seems to take about 2-3 weeks of abstaining before you lose a craving for something. When I eat anything very sweet now I can't stand it and I hate soda after stopping it for so many months. Its all about habit. Maybe you should try baby food and they make meals that have meat and vegetables all pureed together. Are you allowed to eat soft cooked up vegetables if you mash it up like yellow squash, carrots, green beans or potatoes? As long as you continue to consume stuff like sugar-free jello which is super sweet it will continue to make you crave junk. You will feel better getting off that stuff because the aspartame in it does contribute to headaches and general lethargy or at least it did for me as well as friends who advised me to get off the sugar-free soda.
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Patience! be patient, it gets better as time goes by. I had my surgery May 10, 2011 and it was worth the pain and discomfort. Look at the big picture and remember why you did it. I'm glad that I did. No more meds, lap extenders for airplanes and I can sit anywhere in a restaurant that I want. They are right you stomach is "fixed" but not your mind. Its amazing how our minds control our stomachs. My kids can out eat me but I still have a grown man appetite. I have to constantly remind myself one year later that I don't have the same stomach and that I am full.

Stick to your diet plan!!!!!! Drink (sip) plenty of water!!! it gets better. And when your family eats, leave go for a walk...
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yea it takes time... you have to train yourself to eat better to eat different....take counseling if you think that will help as well..

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