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Red face Need some motivation (:

Names Stacey I am nineteen, 5'8, 177 pounds. I don't look like I am 177 pounds but I am very out of shape. I am going into the military - Air Force. I have a year to get in shape and lose some weight. I am currently overweight for my age and height. I've been running as much as I can but I find it hard to breathe. Also, I do one pushup and feel like quitting. I've also been trying to eat healthier but I haven't seen any weight come off. It's been about two weeks now and I haven't seen any difference with my weight. I would appreciate if anyone told me what type of exercises helped the most and what foods are really good to eat when it comes to losing weight.
Thank You
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Hi Stacey. I would like to give you an idea of a few workouts to consider adding into your routine.

- squats-
squats are the best exercise of all time. They help tighten your core, quadriceps, butt, and many secondary muscles as well. Start with a light weight that you can do 20 reps with. If you can do more than 20 reps you need to go up in weight. If you can do less than 12 reps its too heavy. Do 2-3 sets or until you feel you are pretty tired. Eventually you will be able to do 4-5 sets. Do this 2x a week every week
You will notice that doing squats is cardio on its own. It can also help make your butt bigger if you do them a certain way. (the muscle can get bigger)

example routine:

chest day/shoulders/triceps
- incline dumbbell press [chest, shoulders, triceps]
- flat barbell bench (you can do this with an ez bar if you need to start lighter)[chest]
- cable crossover [chest]
- dumbbell lateral raises [shoulders] - these can give you sexy boulders
- light/medium cardio

legs day
-squats [quads, glutes, hamstring, lowerback]
- leg curls [hamstrings]
- leg extensions [quads]
- calf raises [calves]
- light cardio

abs/cardio day
- machine crunches
- exercise ball crunches
- v ups
- leg lifts
- high intensity cardio

back day/biceps
- good mornings [back, butt, hamstrings]
- lat pulldowns [lats]
- dumbbell rows [upper back]
- dumbbell curls [biceps]
- preacher curls [biceps, forearms]
- medium/high intensity cardio

as long as you are doing 8-12 reps per set, and 2-3 sets on everything you should be good. legs and abs exercises will need higher repetitions per set though 12-20.

ok and thats just a little routine I wanted to give an example of. Keep in mind, that you burn more calories when you are weight lifting rather than cardio (unless you do hours of bicycling)

So why not try to tone up those muscles, and lose fat at the same time !?
When your body has more muscle, it burns more calories through out the day, even when resting.

Too often a lot of women try to do cardio only and they are unimpressed with the results. Another thing many women do is go on a very low calorie diet. It does not work well. The problem with low calorie is when you do not get enough calories, your metabolism slows down, your body becomes catabolic (uses muscles for energy) and it creates a bad situation.
I would recommend never going below 2000 calories. Keep your diet clean, no fast food, no processed food, lots of fruits and vegetables, and healthy meats. Fish, chicken, turkey etc are all healthy low fat meats. Also make sure you get your omega3's and omega 6's fats. You need healthy fats in your diet. Fats found in almonds/peanuts, fish, avocado, soy are all good healthy fats.

Well this is a very effective way to lose fat and have toned up muscles at the same time which trust me is a very sexy look. Don't worry, you wont get all bulky or anything. That takes years of work to get. You will mostly burn up fat before you start seeing most muscles anyways because fat covers muscles.

If you stick to this routine, you should see some good progress. I would say a 10-20 pound loss of weight is possible in within the next couple months. It will come down to how dedicated you are and how close you stick to a good diet.

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Originally Posted by josh223 View Post
Hi Stacey [...]
You will notice that doing squats is cardio on its own. It can also help make your butt bigger if you do them a certain way. (the muscle can get bigger)
Hi Josh,
can you please enlighten me about this certain way of doing squats to make my butt bigger?
I am really curious, maybe some video online?

Looking forward for your answer
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