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It is so helpful to have a water cooler right across the room from where I work. Sitting at a desk all day is rough, but at least I am able to get up and get a drink of water whenever I want.
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Originally Posted by thomassusan322 View Post
I am unable to intake 64 oz of water every day, any substitute?
unless super thirsty its not fun drinking water. Have to have fruit of some sort in mine, like 1/2 a lemon slice or dash of lime juice. Tried grapefruit squeeze in water the other day, it was really good.
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Water is the most common liquid on Earth. It covers about 72% of the Earth. Pure water has no smell, taste, or colour.

Lakes, oceans, and rivers are made of water. Precipitation is water that falls from clouds in the sky. It may be rain (liquid) if warm, or it may be frozen if cold. If water gets very cold (below 0 degrees Celsius), it freezes and becomes ice, the frozen variant of water. If water gets very hot (above 100 degrees Celsius), it boils and becomes steam.

Water is very important in life. However, some studies suggest that by 2025 more than half the people around the world will not have enough water.
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Originally Posted by LoraLove View Post
Hey everyone! Make sure you get 64 oz of water everyday! It really does help. You don't have to guzzle it all down in one sitting. Just sip it throughout the day. Did you know that thirst sometime represents itself as hunger so you may feel hungry but really be thirsty. Try some water before opening the fridge. Good luck!
Hey. I get 60 ounces of water a day. I feel great. To get a sufficient amount of water per day is important.
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