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Hi Teela,
I am around the same weight as you are, I started on the same diet as you have,not quit all the way vegetarian? I do eat fish. I have lost ten pounds in a Month(a lot of it in the stomach). I stay away from soy and just walk a lot for exercise.
I think it is the elliptical machine that is turning your fat(not to insult you) into muscle. It sounds like we have the same build and need to do light exercise, not the kind thats going to build you legs into muscle and make it look like you have not lost any weight on the scale. Hope this helps you and good luck and stick with it for life, I am.

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Just a suggestion and I'm not sure if this works for a vegetarian... But I make a whey protein shake in the morning to help get some more protein. Would that help?
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I'm not really sure what the issue is, because I'm doing essentially the same thing and have been losing steadily. But I'm a lot shorter and started off heavier, 5'-2" with a starting weight of 244. Although I think I'm exercising a little more, I get on the elliptical 45-50 minutes 6 days a week and then one day a week I ride the stationary bike 30 min and lift weights 45 min.

I'm inclined to agree that your protein percentage might not be high enough. It's a little tricky on the vegetarian diet to get to 30% protein. You might try adding more TVP (textured vegetable protein) to your diet, along with tofu, fat free cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, fish, Greek yogurt, nuts and tuna. Or you can add a protein powder of some sort. So far I haven't gotten into the protein powder thing, but am considering it. Lately I've been using nuts and seeds to bring up some of my vitamin levels and they are generally a great source of protein too. I love cashews and almonds!

The other thing I might suggest is that you limit your fruit intake to 3 servings a day, spread throughout the day, but all of them before dinner. No matter how good I am on my diet, if I go over 3 servings of fruit, I don't lose any weight. And mix the fruits up so you're not eating 3 bananas or some such. I try to have 2 pieces of fruit and a serving of berries or grapes everyday.
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