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Here ya go, dear_abby.

I'm still eating "Zesty Peas" about 3 times a week. I used to eat white pasta 3-4 times a week, so it's been a great substitute.

I've been thinking about a variation of this, adding some fresh mushrooms. Ever since I learned about "GOMBS" recently (you can google this) I've been thinking that some mushrooms, which I love, may be a good addition.
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I can be pretty disciplined in the grocery store. It's the hubby, however who will ask for cookies for his lunches (he doesn't overindulge and therefore wants to have a cookie or something in the house for a sweet treat in his lunch or after supper) and of course the kids. I did great abstaining from cookies for about 3 months when I decided I wouldn't bake them, because if I do and they are in the house...I'm going to eat them. Now that school has started again, I'm back to baking again. I enjoy baking and I want my kids to grow up with the memories of coming home to the smell of something homebaked in the oven and the memories of helping mom make cookies. I'm a little sentimental that way. But I will look for alternatives for myself. I tried a piece of cinnamon gum the other day and it was good crave blocker and I am also going to look for 78% or higher dark chocolate which I just read about is a good crave satisfier and helps promote fat loss because of its high antioxidant levels. Thanks also for everyone's advice. I've been wanting to find a discussion board like this one because I think this will also help with self accountability.
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Good plan. And the forums do help with accountability. Are there cookies your kids like that you don't? Peanut butter cookies would last forever in my house. But then in Canada you could not send them to school. Mary
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I used to be a huge cookie / baked goods freak. But since I have changed the rest of my eating habits that desire has simply dwindled. I won't say it is gone but it is in check. My hubby and boys love cakes, cookies, etc. And I love to bake for them. Luckily for me I have figured out that simply the joy of baking is almost as good as eating them for me. I can have one or maybe two the night they are made and then I don't touch the rest. That is a huge improvement from eating like a dozen with a huge glass of milk nightly until they are gone! It is all up to what works for you. For me I have huge motivation right now to be healthier for my family and that drives me.
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I will pretty much eat any cookie even if not my favorite. I could also try be very strict for at least 30 days and focus on eating clean to see if that helps with cravings and control. It mostly is all about control though.
Just a side question, how do you keep your stats posted under your messages?
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Originally Posted by mama1234o View Post
Just a side question, how do you keep your stats posted under your messages?
Click where it says "User CP" that's the profile options, weird naming convention, but it's there, in the menu is an option to change your signature.

I dunno if encouraging kids for sweets is a great idea... but that's not the point I suppose (though if it's just the smell thing I'd lean towards making your own bread, I love the smell of the house after a fresh loaf of wheat and honey bread's been made)

Regardless I would say just pick cookies to bake that are a bit better for you and make the cookies a reasonable size, you may notice when you compare how many cookies you make compared to what the recipe says that you're making them over twice the size they should be.
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thank you very much
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