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Yes, keep in mind that kids want to be active. Playing and walking with them is exercise. They will love it and you will have physical and mental benefits as well.

I can relate, fitdayfreshstart! It is much easier now that my son is 13 (I'm 42, btw). I can just say that now is my time to exercise and he can keep himself busy or join me if he chooses. However, he also laments the loss of junk food. The benefit, though, is that going through the "mushy" time before puberty kicks in and the growth spurt happens, along with the food we buy and prepare, have made him really start to think about what healthy choices are (even though he still dips into Doritos as a treat now and then...we just buy a flavor my husband and I don't like). I'm trying to teach him that it's all about balance and moderation, with respect to both food and exercise. When I hear him making decisions about what to eat and he's thinking it through, it really does my heart good!

(Oh, and don't worry. I'm a child and adolescent psychologist and I have never ever heard a kid make an issue of the fact that there was no junk food in the house!!)
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Hello Laura and friendsl!! I am also completely I can empathize here, but I think we should keep coming in here and helping each other stay positive! After having the exact same thoughts as you have, Laura, I quit cold turkey one day....Valentine's Day as a matter of fact. I have only been eating better for the past two weeks, but have lost about 4 pounds, so I am feeling a little better. But I have still struggled at least twice in these past few days with motivation and wanting to just sneak in my old habits. Then I come here and read a few posts and get inspired to stick it out!

My first post was about motivation and how we get so far to just quit. I didn't start this thing to quit again! I need others to remind me of that and remind me of the wonderful rewards of reaching my goals!!! I am trying very hard to hang on tightly to it this time!
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awesome.. if you dont mind what did you do to lose the weight? I also have a blended family and with all the joy comes alot of eating my stree and feelings. How ever i have completely change what i am eating and i do 40 min eliptical a day plus 15 min weights every other day. Two weeks now and no change i am really depreesed. Any suggestions.. thankyou
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