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Hi Mandevil, Lizzy,

I am just plugging away too! Congrats Lizzy, way to go! I hear you Mandevil, I can't wait for gardening season. Really enjoy growing my own food! And it is so delicious and nutritious. Congrats on reaching the 160's!

I have been staying off the scale, only weighing myself on Fridays - and that is it! Feel some good habits are sinking in now.

Butternut squash, mmmm. Eating alot of squash lately, thoroughly enjoying it.
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Default Tail between my legs

Hi everyone...I'm sorry I left so abruptly. I fell hard off the wagon and feel like an idiot. I know what has been causing my diet failures now and I'm not sure I can really do anything about it. Really big stress. I have been separated from hubby for almost two years and I have been trying so hard to fix the marriage and get back together. He is still undecided on whether he even wants to try. This yo-yo'ing with my emotions is killing me and food is my comfort. Depression is likely part of the cause, too. I still feel like I want to fight for my marriage, but if it doesn't work out, I've got to accept it. I am starting to feel a little better about decisions being made now and trying to look forward to a new chapter of my life.

But if nothing else, this is the time I really need to start taking better care of myself.

Anyway, thanks for all your support while I was here and I hope to find a way to get through this and still be healthy.

Sherry ~
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Hi Sherry,
Sorry you are going through such a rough time! Don't feel like an idiot, because you are not one! It is a viscious cycle and I think alot of us who are overweight struggle with emotional eating, I sure can relate to that. I believe that coming to the realization that taking care of YOU is a priority is key. Because you deserve to be healthy and feel good. Taking care of yourself will help keep your spirits up and cope with the stress. I know when I eat well, I feel mentally clearer and overall just better!! Don't beat yourself up, hang in there, keep posting, chin up,...
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Sherry - beating ourselves up only makes the emotional eating worse. Maybe you could think of each thing you put into your body in terms of taking care of yourself or not. That way when you splurge and buy the low-cal, low-fat treats to keep on hand it'll also be kinder thing to do to support for your long-term goals. Keeping as many positive thoughts as possible and doing as many kind things for yourself does help to keep us on track whenever we're going through emotional times. Having lots of healthy & special allowable foods in the house & in the car also helps me to fight the cravings. You're taking back your power by staying on track-you can do it!
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Hey Sherry, glad you came back. On the wagon, off the wagon, whichever. Sorry you are going through such a rough time...isn't it maddening that those always lead to food? I think part of it is that you have to spend so much of your energy and thought process in coping with the stress that you have no energy and brain energy left to think about healthy eating. Please take care of yourself and do what you need to do...if you are healthy, the rest will work itself out one way or another, and know that you will be okay no matter what. You are worth taking care of and you are the one who has that responsibility. That's a lot of power, but at least it's in your hands and you are the one in control. You can do it!!
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Hi Sherry-
I can relate. I split from my ex 5 years ago, after 27 years. Yes it is stressful and I felt so powerless. But, now I am taking back my power by controlling my eating instead of "reacting". Working out and eating healthy food has put me back in charge of my life. I have much more energy and interest in life.

Exercise has really helped lower my stress level. Yes, it is hard to see him with his new girlfriend. But I am also seeing all the little things about him that I managed to ignore when he was my partner. It's hard to believe I didn't see these flaws before (He is sooo self centered and judgemental), but as they say love is blind. I am living alone now and happy.
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