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Wow, jessie, I have huge respect for you. To have to be so mentally strong and then work toward being physically strong on top of it, when it's so much easier to crawl under covers and are truly tremendous and your outlook is amazing. I know you will succeed at whatever you choose to do.
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Hi everyone, just on logging my food for Saturday and thought I'd check up on everyone. Jessie, your outlook is amazing and your strength is inspirational. Well done!

I hope everyone has a happy and fit weekend, I am logging my food in advance to keep me on the straight and narrow. I have allowed for a couple of glasses of wine with my OH this evening which will hopefully lead to a little ad hoc exercise!

Have a good one everyone!
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I see my post from last night disappeared! I wonder where it went? Oh well.

Jessie, wow, you are an amazing person!

Shell, congrats on getting rid of that 2 pounds! What a great feeling it is!

I haven't had a great week with the food, I have been really busy and have eaten a lot at night. Still tracking every morsel, and the calories have been a little the 1400 - 1600 range, I think once I hit 1800! I have avoided the scale completely as that was just bringing me down! I still haven't dragged out my WW papers yet. Mostly because I really have been on the go!

I am working today, most of the day, so hopefully I can fit in some healthy snacks while I am working.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will check in later, after work!!
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Hi all....the weekend's here!

Jesse, I've been following your posts since before I started posting at all, and am always inspired by your success. I am so sorry about the tragedy of your sister and give you so much credit for dealing with it in a healthy way. You have friends here!

Kathie, I am also feeling your pain with motivation. I did not have the greatest day yesterday. Stress is kicking my butt and emotional eating is just such an easy fix. My calories topped 2,100....not good at all, but all tracked, all healthy foods, no binging, just too much comfort food after 9:00 p.m.

Cassie, I'm hanging onto your signature today. I dropped an egg last night, but today is back on track.

Shell, congrats on those 2 pounds! I've made that cabbage soup many times before, but not with cinnamon...mmm...must try that!

Deanna, thanks for that link to Chobani Yogurts...I used it to find the yogurt and found it close by, so I will be looking for it soon!

Happy Weekend Everyone! And keep your eyes on the prize!!!!
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Default What are your favorite "staples"?

I was curious.....

What are your favorite healthy "go to" foods: low carb & fat/high protein?

My few staples are good for the food log but become boring quickly:

Greens with 2 cans of tuna or chicken - fat free 5 calorie dressing.

Protein shake w/ 1 scoop whey protein, 1 cup skim milk

3 egg whites and 1 slice cheese in a low carb wrap

Chicken breast w/ veggies.

I used to eat oatmeal, bananas, and yogurt (Must look into the Greek yogurt I've been reading about!) but mostly gave them up because there is not enough bang for the buck in protein when compared to the carb content.

I wish I had more options to look forward to that also made the pie graph/food log "happy".

So, I wondered what you all have as your staples.....
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Hard boiled eggs, the whole thing if I'm doing well or it's easy to separate the whites if the calories are creeping up but I need protein. Ready to grab in the fridge too.

String cheese sticks (stolen from the kids lol)

Lean lunch meat

Grapes seem to fill me up more than most fruits/veggies do, also bananas, pears, plums, oranges, berries in season

Carrots and celery sticks for when I want something to munch on for something to do more than for actual nutriton, like when I'm on the computer

Special K protein shakes, can get em fairly cheap at WalMart. Good to have on hand when my blood sugar gets too low.

I could use more protein-heavy snack ideas. I find I can keep my blood sugar stable much better when I eat a lot of protein. I recently found out my son's allergic to walnuts, so I threw those out, peanut butter's too high in fat for now, but maybe when I'm back to maintenance. Nuts are good but I have to watch it close, they're also one of my "binge" foods.
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Chili can be a really great meal option, you can custom make it, like using ground turkey or chicken or extra lean ground beef. You can add a variety of beans to it instead of just kidney beans...they all end up tasting the same in the can run some veggies thru the food processor and sneak them in!! Just make sure to drain the canned beans first or your sodium content will sky rocket.

So far today I am just over 1000 calories, but really for the rest of the night I should only eat fruits or veggies. We will see how I do. There were fresh white buns in my house (grrr, I did NOT bring them in! Husband is to blame!) and of course with my non existant willpower, I had to eat some of them. He also bought doughnuts!! JERK!! I ate one over two days...and counted it. Not worth the fat! So the house is once more without all those tempting hoping that helps me stay on track.
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Hello everyone,

Just checking in and catching up, have not been online much the last few days. Doing OK, and am on track. No meals out this weekend, which makes a big difference. Really limiting restaurant meals for right now.

Gearing up for a super successful week! I mixed up some tuna, hard boiled eggs, chives, lemon pepper, and a touch of mayo - it is delicious! I like to eat a scoop of it just plain, without bread. Also been eating curried chicken breast, yum. Hmmm, I don't have any new snack ideas lately. I find a few almonds to sometimes hit the spot when I am craving a snack. Going to prep a container of carrot sticks today, and dice up all the veggies so they are handy for meals through the week.

Sherry, The cabbage I made was just plain old steamed cabbage. But I have made cabbage soup before, and love that too!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend - and remember that we can do this, we deserve this!
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Hi Everybody. It's March and a whole new month to look forward to. I have big plans for gardening (will have to wait until late April). I'm switching up my exercise routine and trying to keep healthy eating going. I tried the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich bars- tasty, but at 140 calories I'm wondering if this really is any better than a regular ice cream bar?

I've given up bacon and cheese-one of my favorite bites was a bacon and cheese omelet. Now I have 2 egg whites with 1 slice of Oscar Meyer Honey Ham and some herbs- pretty satisfying. Dropped 2 more lbs last week so total loss so far is 9 lbs.
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Way to go Mary, you are doing great! I am on track, but not dropping as fast as I had envisionsed...oh well....the numbers are going down and that is what is important, right!?! Making a pork loin roast for supper. Cut very lean, and it smells delicious. Serving it with apple sauce and steamed cabbage.

Hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday so far!
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