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Default Volume foods

I need some ideas for great low calorie satisfying foods. Not really hungry but not satisfied today and no specific cravings.

Any suggestions for good high volume foods. Mary
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I would think fruits and veggies would be a good place to start. My other thought is to try to have something with fiber, protein, fat, and whole grains; those would be filling. Maybe some peanut butter or almond butter on a high fiber bread or cracker, or on a piece of fruit or celery?

I want to say there is a diet out there on high-volume foods...Volumetrics, maybe? I'm not too familiar with it but maybe a Google would give you some ideas on high volume foods.
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I eat celery with sunflower seed or soy butter. I just try not to dip into the jar so I don't end up eating more than I want.

Liquid eggs with salsa is super low cal but a ton of protein.

I also try to cut up a bunch of veggies to snack on all week.

Puffed brown rice or red wheat puffs mixed into greek yogurt is really good. It's way less cals than granola but gives me the crunch! I want!

A really low cal treat I like is sugar/gelatin free jello with cool whip! I'm a low carber but if my macros are good I will slice a peach and eat it with cool whip too!

I usually eat late at night and if I want something sweet I take two pieces of 50 cal ww bread, dip them in liquid egg whites to make french toast in a nonstick pan and then drizzle a 1/2 serving of sugar free syrup over them. Sometimes I sprinkle with a little cinnamon for a grand total of 145 calories, 2g fat, 25 carbs and 14g protein.
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Thanks I'm sitting here munching a rice cake. I tried protein earlier. This is just a temporary feeling however I want to avoid over doing it on calories. Maybe I should go do something, work interferes with life -- again. Mary
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I'm a big fan of veggies and hummus. (fresh green beans, sweet peppers, snap peas dipped into whatever flavor hummus you desire. My favorites are the garlic or roasted red pepper Fresh fruit is a great snack but then you have the sugar - natural sugars of course, but still extra carbs.
I'll also have some chocolate soy milk if I get an irrational craving for some chocolate. Surprisingly yummy.
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