Weight loss and the wardrobe.

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Default Weight loss and the wardrobe.

I have a question for everyone here. I'm new here and I'm finally starting to see results. My question is..Do you hang on to your former "fat" clothes or get rid of them? I have hung onto several pair of jeans that are BK (before kids) jeans, and I am hoping to get back in them. But what about the clothes im in now? I've heard different opinions on this. Just wondering what you guys thought about it. Thanks!
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I have just lost about 50 lbs and also tossed out a bunch of my clothes. I bought some very inexpensive shirts to replace them knowing full well that these shirts will get tossed in two or three months also.

Actually i should state that anything that is newer i take to the Salvation Army drop off center.

I am still wearing sweat pants but had to buy smaller ones!
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In the past year I have gone from a size 32W to a size 12 (lost 168 pounds). The ONLY thing I kept was ONE pair of jeans that were a 32W when I started my diet. I kept them so I can look at them and see how big I was. Anything else that gets too big is out of here! I will not keep them because I do not want to think that I can gain weight and still have something to wear LOL.
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I have done a major cleanout of my closet and got rid of clothes that were too big, too small, ill-fitting and just plain old. Feels great! Makes a big difference to wear good fitting clothes, and it makes me feel better too. I am holding off on buying any new clothes right now...waiting a month or so...!

Wow 168 lbs! You are such an inspiration! Good to keep one pair of pants as a reminder. Congrats again to you, and everyone who has had such great success. You are all keeping me going...
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I haven't thrown out any clothing, due to weight loss or gain yet. I will get rid of worn, out of style, or ugly clothing. My weight difference isn't big enough to justify throwing away clothes, unless I get rid of my skinny clothes, as I don't think I will ever get into those again....I had been very ill and got very thin, and don't have plans to get that thin again. Problem is I didn't stay that thin for very long, and the clothes are like brand new!! I know I could donate them....but I just don't know if I am ready yet.
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I kept one pair of size 50 jeans and one XXXL shirt from my "Before" days but gave the rest to a homeless shelter. It was a LOT of clothes - 9 garbage bags full!

I'm not considering my change in eating a diet, but a lifestyle change. I've promised myself I'd never gain this weight back and I intend to uphold that promise.

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i have yo-yoed before w/ my weight and lose and gain, etc. I always kept my larger clothes, "just in case". Last yr, i threw them all out. I started gaining weight a couple months later and realized everything was getting tight and i didnt have anything bigger. i wasnt going to go out to buy new stuff and was mad that i threw it all out. well, let me tell you, tight pants (embarrassing) was enough motivation to start eating right again and exercising that DAY because i literally had no choice. I say throw it out! donate! whatever! its risky but it worked for me since!
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