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What are those foods you just can't touch? Mine is milk chocolate. I can section it, freeze it, hide it or whatever but it still gets eaten till it's gone. Coke (the liquid kind) has been another addiction however it is under control at this time. I can have one, however I won't risk keeping it in the house.

How many of you have that food you can't resist? How many go on binges and swear never again? And I'm not talking about alcohol although all the addictions have common patterns.

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Potato chips...especially handcooked bbq flavor middleswarth brand.
Chocolate...if I start I will finish it. If I really have to have it I make sure someone else is there that will eat the rest.
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Doritos - They have to be hidden or not in the house. Same goes with Cheez-its. Anything cheesy/salty is a huge weakness.

Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper used to be a big one, though I now have that under control. I still want soda with certain foods (like pizza) but for the most part, I can say "No" or really CAN limit it to just one.

Chicken and Dumplings! I make a good one in the slow-cooker and it's REALLY hard to limit myself to one serving of it. That soft-bread flavor gets me every time. Similar to this is anything like biscuits or doughy food.

I was never much of a "binger" but I was one for "sneaking" food and I still get the urge from time to time to randomly hide a bag of something in the closet or speed down to McDonald's and get some fatty fast food. I find that if I give in once, though, it's easier to give in again, so I REALLY try to curb those cravings or find a compromise. It happened once last month (I gave in and got fast food) and immediately I was in danger of starting old patterns - Luckily work was too busy and I couldn't sneak away, so the urge passed!
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I'll have toast if I go out for breakfast, or the occasional hamburger on a bun at a good hamburger place, and its like heaven. But I absolutely cannot have bread in the house. It has to be doled out in public in acceptable portions.

Tortillas for wraps, flax waffles for breakfast, fine. But, bread, no way.
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I forgot one...

hard candies. Like Jolly Ranchers, Werthers Originals, etc. I can & will eat the whole bag in a day or two. Non stop crunching these candies up all day long.

I forgot this because I haven't bought any since February when I started down this road.
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Cheetos (seriously, hardly even qualifies as a food...) and chocolate. And potato chips. Any pasta - not even good pasta, I'm talkin' like, Tuna Helper or Kraft Mac and Cheese.
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I guess I'm a little different. Sure, I have my faves, but there's nothing I really can't stop with...and there's everything I really can't stop with.

I only keep mainly healthy stuff here, but when I get in a mood to eat, I can go through raisins, nuts, cereal, fruit, peanut butter, cheese, chips, tortillas, organic waffles, frozen yogurt, Triscuits, whatever is here. It's almost like the fact that I can eat something (or several things) is more important than what it is. I don't know what to make of that. But yes, I do go on benders or binges or whatever you call them, and I swear never again, but so far I haven't been able to figure it out enough to stop it. It's like flipping a switch, usually with an impulsive bite of something. It's like chain smoking, but with snacks instead of cigarettes. One of my biggest triggers is letting myself get too hungry, I do know that much, but I know that's not the whole story.

I'm working really hard to figure this out. It's (no pun intended) really been eating my lunch lately. If anybody has an answer, let me know.

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The three things that I absolutely cannot have in my house are Cheetos (I agree, they don't even qualify as a food), birthday cake (vanilla w/vanilla frosting), and chocolate chips (if I buy them for baking, they never make it that far!)
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I'd like to think I could handle anything. But, just to be on the safe side, I totally abstain from any candy, baked goods, ice cream, etc. They are just empty calories and I don't need 'em.

I will admit to drinking too much beer and/or tequila from time to time. I know it is bad and I don't do it often.

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If I am being really honest with myself, a good, microbrewed beer. DH insists on having an ample supply at all times. I can usually stop at 2 an evening, but it often takes some will power or a particularly filling dinner.

When DH is gone, I will usually empty the house of beer and I rarely miss it. But like chocolate or doritos for many of you, that seductive brown bottle clinking on the refidgerator door when I am reaching for salad makings can be too enticing to pass up.
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