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Default My method

Hello, i`m back from a break.

I want to share with you a method to lose fat which I worked on for some time. For me is the best method possible because I "studied" myself and saw what are my good and bad points while trying to slim down(everyone should do this ^.^).
Most diets have three major points: eating healthly, doing exercise and sleeping well. But my belief is that the state of mind in which you are when you are losing weight is the most important fact. For example lots of people try to starve themself to lose weight fast but very few really succeed, and this is a matter of willpower ('When there's a will, there's a way'), may be unhealthy but some prefer it because of the fast results.
When exercising to losing fat, lots of people think and feel the exercise as a burden, especially me when i wake up in the morning and think about making exercises and the lazyness kicks in: too tired, not in the mood, too sleepy... then i go to work head back home and don't do them anyway. The best solution i found for my problem is this: make exercise that makes me happy, fulfulled and doesn't bore me (i really hate repetitive exercises) so i signed-up at a class of kickboxing and in week-end i go saturday at tennis and sunday at football (almost killed somebody with a tennis ball this saturday, me sucks at tennis)
The last part i discovered may be a little weird, but it works for me so here it is: I'm drawing every day on my hand a tattoo with the japanese symbol for "to surpass" and i write under it the number of days i've been dieting for. This keeps me motivated and reminds me how many days i have suffered without decent food and i really can't quit.

I really hope i didn't bore you with this, i hope that this will help someone in a way or another because i`m pretty proud of me because it actually works .

I'm starting a "test" to see how much can i lose in a month, i`ll update you with my "research" results .

Best Regards ^.^
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Let us know how you do. Although I don't do it any more, I have in the past engaged in some extreme weight loss plans (such as a 30 day water fast).

Now, I'm a firm believer in eating a fairly modest amount of fairly healthy food to lose weight.

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I like your ideas, especially the month challenge. I'm going to try to focus on that, so I'm not focusing on the big picture. (It's so overwhelming.)
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My schedule is working just fine, it's been only 6 days and i already see some changes, like my jeans don't crush me anymore leaving marks on my waist ^.^, they fit perfectly now. The most important thing is that i feel better, i`m not having that "full stomach" sensation that i had when i was eating junk food and i`m not starving either ^^.

Good luck to you all, i`m going only forward.
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I like the idea of keeping the number of days on your hand. I do something similar. I have a log where I put in my fitday numbers and a brief text about how the day went for me. I gave up a bad habit and I also mark that it's been x number of days since I gave up that habit. The x number keeps getting bigger and bigger, reminding me of how long I've been x free.
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