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I have been really trying to work out my problems on the weekends as well. I am the same as you. During the week, for breakfast and lunch, I eat pretty much the same thing every day. (Yes, I might be a little OCD, but I like my routine and it is easy.) On the weekends with the structure gone, I can end up eating like crazy. Then I don't record it on fitday and then I eat more. Then, of course is the self-loathing, at the beginning of the week.

What I have started doing is weighing myself on Fridays and Mondays. Friday gives me feedback about the week. Knowing I am going to weigh myself on Monday can help me from eating too much.

Food and friends are meant to be enjoyed. My mantra is "enjoy your food". Order what you want and make sure that you eat it slowly enough to enjoy it. If you can, don't eat all of it, and take some home to enjoy again the next day. Keep track of what you eat and make sure to put it into fitday. If your calorie count is higher than you would like then try to add more activity in.
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Default So, how did you do?

Well said wannabefitgrl -- sometimes we get in our own way when it comes to making the best decisions. It's all too easy to make it seem like it's up to someone else. Also, rmdaly, I think your idea of Friday and Monday weigh-ins is perfect. I'm not usually big on weighing myself, but my sister's wedding is coming up in two months and I really want to stay on track (there's just something about having to stand in a group fitness instructors and former gymnasts that gets your motivation humming along again...). That means not letting the weekend get the best of me, so that idea is spectacular.

Thinking about this thread truly kept me aware of my habits through this past weekend. And though its not quite over yet, I think all went pretty well. I kept myself pretty under control, limiting my weekend splurges to a small ice cream cone, a piece of gorgonzola and caramelized onion focaccia bread and one(!) beer. Pretty decent in my book. For me, it's one for the "win" column any time I can keep my calories at 1500 on a Saturday that includes social events.

I found that what helped me out this weekend was heading to the farmer's market early on Saturday morning. I had been away too long! I was "good" on Friday night knowing that I'd want to get there early before the crowds. Since I live in Minnesota (and we've had a really cold spring), it is only now getting really interesting and colorful. The peppers were ready, there was an abundance of flowers for sale, the tomatoes are truly ripe and there is a lady selling currants this year. I love currants! Even though I was surrounded by food, it was (mostly) the best kind of food. After several weeks of high-stress "work mode", I was reminded of how awesome it is to eat real food that's from the same place I'm from and that's in season right now. What a concept! Everything smelled so good and looked so...I don't know...perfect, that I was really inspired to hold it together despite plans to go out with friends on Saturday night. Plus, I walked away with a TON of fresh veggies, a cup of coffee, a loaf of foccacia bread and a little tub of spun honey only down about 20 bucks!

How did everyone else do this weekend?
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It was a good weekend despite visitors and try to feed kids. It is too hot to eat today so I'm hoping for the scales to be down monday despite a bit of beer, wine and ice cream. I have found using my protein shakes on the weekend helps keep me from unplanned eating. Made pulled pork but managed to keep my serving reasonable - and added a spinach salad. Tons of exercise in and on the water plus a workout at the Y should make for good results tomorrow. I like the monday and friday weight in idea. Mary
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I blew it this weekend. Next weekend I'll be at the beach with family and friends. We always go to a favorite Mex. place one night (where I have too many chips) and there is a donut place we go to every year. (I'm going to have 1!... only 1). They melt in your mouth.... seriously.

So I'm thinking about how to not have any other bad calories while I'm there. I want success next weekend.
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