Ratios and total calorie intake

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Question Ratios and total calorie intake

I have a question about the total ratios of carbs/protein/fat and calorie intake. So, basic formula is if you burn more calories than you eat, you'll lose weight, right? How does the ratio come into play, then? Is it just if you eat too much fat, your weight loss will be slower?

I guess I'm asking because I really have a weakness for half and half in my coffee - it has to be the real deal. I manage to fit it into my calorie count fine, but it often skews my fat intake to be 30% or more of what I eat in a day. How will that affect my weight loss?

Thanks bunches!

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Yes, basically it's calories in, calories out but there are other factors than help speed the weight loss along. First you should get proper protein, the amount depending on if you are working out or not- anywhere from .8-1g per lean body mass.

The less fat and starchy carbs you eat, the more body fat you will burn.

I think you will be fine with the half and half if you don't over do it and watch your dietary fat from other sources.
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The diet that I think puts the most emphasis on ratios, and is healthy and balanced, too, is the Zone diet. It's not so easy to follow, in my opinion, but there are people who find great success with it.

Google Dr. Sears and the Zone Diet if you want more information. It provides a good supply of vitamins and minerals, etc., protein, and fat. And weight loss....
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Different bodies and minds seem to respond better to different ratios. I do pretty well on the 40/30/30 carb/protein/fat mix the Zone recommends. I do NOT, however, go to the extreme of trying to get that every meal, or even every day. On average, though, my weekly mix is pretty close to that.

Some people do better on other ratios. If your losses slow, sometimes mixing things up a bit (more protein, for instance) can help get your body shedding weight again.

In any case, personal experimentation is the best way to find what works for you.

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I seem to have best results when I just limit my calorie intake to 1500 a day. I will start watching the percentages of Fat/Carbs/Protein a little bit more. Maybe I can determine a difference.
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Hi Joan, congrats on working on getting healthy!

I use the ratio mainly for burning body fat (efficiently) & gaining muscle mass.

When I started using this site with my workout routine, I was not keenly aware of what ratios were all about. 10 years ago, I was somewhat active & ran along lake shore drive in the summer, but I didn't pay attention to my diet- so I ended up being a "skinny fat guy" I didn't have any muscular definition at all.

I've since been more conscientious of my nutritional/caloric needs for my goal of getting 10% body fat; since I've reached my target weight.

Searching through the interwebs, I found this site from a body builder:

How many calories should you eat each day?

I'm using the "Lean Gain/Fat Loss Eating Plan" ratio. However, I still lower my carb intake to around 200g/day since I'm still trying to burn excess fat- &, I currently am averaging 1,972cals/day.
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