Columbus Day Lose 10% of Your Body Weight Challenge

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Default Sure!

Dude, I'll join a challenge, although frankly, right now, even losing 1 lb. seems to be a challenge. So, I'm at 189, so I'll go for 19 lbs. I'm really running into trouble convincing myself to stay away from huge portions of junk food... actually just huge portions in general. Anyway, sign me up!
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Just wanted to say thanks again for the Challange. I just realized - as I was adjusting my goal to meet this challange - how much it helps in making me realize how fast time flies and that this process does not need to be done by tomorrow. During the next 3 months I will reach several new lows. In two weeks I will no longer be in the obese area, then 1/2 way through I will be lower than I have been since my daughter -- who turns 40 this year was 2, third I will be close to my original goal by the end of the challange. I hate to wish away the summer - so slow and steady is fine. Mary
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It's on! I'm looking to hit the 260's at the end of this.
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Default Count me in!

Summer is always the toughest with BBQ's, vacations, friends and family events.

I am currenlty sitting at 220, so a 10% reduction will brreak the '2's and get me to 198. Although I would prefer to hit 190-195, I know it will be tough with 3 weddings thrown in there as well. Wishing everyone strength and determination.
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I'll agree, summer is tough! Especially for folks like me who have the summer "off" from their regular employment.

I had a little bounce up after three days at camp but four days later it was gone, plus a couple more. It truly is amazing how much fluid weight one can retain and how fast it can go away.

Anyway, 2.5 lbs. down for this week's weigh-in which is great. 25 lbs. to go to break into the Onederful Ones.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Let's see at 298 I would have to lose around 30 lbs. I don't know if I will do that or not that quickly. I do think I will lose at least 15 though so we'll see what happens.
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Default I'm in :)

I would have liked to start this at 290 which was my lowest about two weeks ago but some things beyond my control happened and after lots of eating out I bounced up to 294.8 but am now at 292.0.

So my start weight is 292 lbs putting my 10% at 29 lbs with an ending weight of 263 lbs.

Right now towards the end of August I have a family picnic that I should attend. Most years I try not to go to it, but this year I may have to make an appearance as long as it doesn't fall on the weekend post-spay surgery for my puppy. (Won't leave her alone for a few days) It is actually a selfish thing but most of my hubby's family are very catty and snobbish and I wanna be able to say "Yeah, I've lost some weight" but probably keep to myself that by that point it will be around 50lbs or more! .... Is that really wrong?
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Well, I only lost 1 lb. this first week, although, truthfully, I signed up on Wednesday, so I guess it hasn't been a week really.

Eating healthily is really awesome, I'm finding, and surprisingly more doable than I made it out to be (often the problem, you know?) However, as a diabetic, I'm running into trouble because I've spent that last three days with an almost constant low blood sugar. I'm adjusting my insulin, but that's trial and error unfortunately. In the meantime, all my hard work is somewhat nullified by the fact that I have to drink 4-5 cups of OJ in a day, and at 110 calories a cup, well... you get my drift. I guess nothing worth having isn't going to be a bit of a pain to earn!

Here's to another successful week!

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Default I'm in

Hi, I'm new (I've been lurking reading the forum) I was on the clean eating board for a week or so but it's closing down and I've used fit day before.
I'm in for the Columbus Day challenge...I HOPE I've lost more but since I stalled out after about 2-3 lb I might not....I was @ 148 this morning so....about 14 lb should be my goal....I do mostly clean eating 1200 or more calories a day, 5-6 meals a day and at least 1/2 hour of Jillian Michael's DVD or biking a day....AND I got down to 144 @ Christmastime but ballooned back up to like 154 in Jan....
So how do I check in and how often are we supposed to check in?

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Default I'm in

Sweet this works out to a nice round number for me

I weighed in at 222 today so 10% is 22lbs putting me right at 200lbs
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