WEEK 5 Weigh In 2/19

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Just found this thread and am looking forward to joining in the next 6-week round of weigh-ins! I started using FitDay this week; started out at 163. My goal is to get down to 135.
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Lost another pound this week. 234 now.
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201 yesterday !!
(sorry I'm posting so late. For some reason I am having lots of problems getting into the forums. I have no problem with the rest of the fitday site but when I click on forums and try to click on any of the postings I get bumped out....says internet unable to connect to webpage--happens A LOT ??)
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67,2 to 67 in one week without do muts of a exercises
So i 'am happy now next week more exercises and go for 66 our 65
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Here are the results for this week. The first number at the end is what you lost this week/the second number is the total lost so far. If there is no total you have not weighed in this week.

One week left to go guys and then we start over again! Glad to see so many of you have stuck with this good bad or indifferent.


showmenow 183/181/179/ 177/176 -1/-7
kathietaylor 167/165/164/164 /164 0/-3
gallusgal 191/188/185/183/180 -3/-11
sw07 164/165/165/160/163 +3/-1
basscat348 255/249/247/244/242 -2/-13
tpaula 161/162/158/158
shell20 246/244/244/242/244 +2/-2
hickonthehill 166/166/165/164/163 -1/-3
need2losen2010 261/258/257/256/252 -4/-9
*jessie 210/207/204/202/200 -2/-10
agrabau1 157/154/151/152 +1/-5
lucusmarcus 323/320/319/319
efduncan 285/283/279/277/278 +1/-7
orca88 199/198/198/197/194 -3/-5
rrrucke 211/210/210/206
martann3 145/145/141/138/137 +1/-8
farr1022 251/245/242/237/236 -1/-15
klegeros 0/142/140/138/137 -1/-5
226muriel 0/169/0/165
snolyzard 0/168/166
jacoote 0/185/184/183
jancamp 0/0/148/144/144 0/-4
joannebeck 0/203/198/197/200 +3/-3
kaskat 0/210/207/205/201 -4/-9
mariahkhan 0/0/240
mariush 0/0/230/225 -5/-5
scndtonon 168/165/161/160
krayziesensei 0/0/0/263/261 -2/-2

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Sorry for the delay Deanna.. I was cruising on the high seas and enjoying Mexico!! Friday weigh in was 158.5. Not getting on the scale til this Friday because I am sunburned and retaining water like crazy. I no longer have ankles, I have kankles!! Even my forehead is swollen!! Ugh. Fun cruise tho. Congrats to everyone!!
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I am jealous! I am so tired of the snow and cold. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. We'll see you Friday kankles or not

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