questions about my plan

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Default questions about my plan

Hello I am a 34 year old male 5’10”. I am fairly new at this but here are some of my stats and a timeline since I started woring out:

4/7 198lbs approx. 28% body fat
4/17 194lbs I started keeping track of activities and food nutrition
4/21 192
4/28 190 26.7% fat
5/3 188
5/8 189

My goals are to get under 170lbs (Idc how long it takes but sooner the better) and then to focus on reducing my fat% to 10-15%. I aim to lose 2lbs per week. My calories eaten over the past 2 weeks averaged 2000 and my burned calories averaged 3000 over the same period of time. My protein intake averaged 128g/day.

I go to the gym 6 days a week. I walk uphill or shoot baskets for at least 2 hours every day. And lift weights 4 times a week for 20-30mins each time. I alternate between biceps, chest, back, and legs and challenge myself to make progress with strength every week.

What results should I expect if I keep doing this?

Do you think I am on the right track to building muscle and reducing fat %?

Is there anything else I should look at such as other parts of my diet or any tips?

Is it possible to gain muscle as long as I keep my protein intake high enough even though I have a calorie deficiency of 1000? And, since muscle is denser than fat does that mean I should expect to see less than a 2lb/week weight loss? Any insight into this would be appreciated and any similar personal experiences might help me out.

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I think fitday has tools for estimating your weight loss. Figure out your BMR using fitday and give a goal weight. Then put a date in as your goal date for getting to that goal. It will tell you how much you must lose at your level of activity to lose that many pounds, by that date. Go to the weight reports and look at the different tools. I think it will give you the information you want.
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B, sorry you're getting the level of response you'd like. We try to answer everyone's questions but sometimes some slip through.

Anyway, it's pretty tough to accurately predict how long weight loss and/or muscle gain will take. Everybody and every body is different and reacts differently to calorie deficit and/or exercise.

It sounds like you're on the right track. If you are accurate about your calorie intake and expenditure, a 1000 cal a day deficit "should", on average, net you about a two pound per week loss. It won't always, of course, but over a month the average should be pretty close. Of course, calorie intake/burn is, at best, a guesstimate and you may have to adjust if you don't get the results you are expecting.

As far as calorie mix goes, that, too is a personal decision. Personally, I shoot for a daily average of 40/30/30 carbs/fat/protein mix. I don't fret if it goes one way or the other, but I'm pretty close to this for a weekly average. Others prefer a different mix--it all depends on your body chemistry, your food preferences and what you need to keep you "full" enough to lesson the chances of going off-plan.

Hope this helps!

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Your plan looks good but you may find it more difficult to lose weight the closer you get to your body fat goal. Limit your simple carb intake to immediatly after your workouts. Check out (freesite) for more information about getting to your body fat goal. Your protein intake looks good (recommendation is .75 to 1.0 gram per pound of lean bodyweight and I calc your lean body weight at 139).
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