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Default Decided to weigh today for the heck of it .

Usually I only weigh once a day.So I have lost 1 pound since saturday and I believe that I am not shedding as much weight as I was because I have been lifting weights for about a month now.The first week of lifting weights I lost 5lbs +,the 2nd week was a 5lb loss,the 3rd week was just shy of 3lb loss, and this week looks like its going to be less.I have lost about 60 lbs now and still have roughly 60 lbs to go.What im trying to figure out is if I should just snowball the lifting weights for awhile and just concentrate my focus on just my body weight,and then when I reach my goal weight worry about lifting weights then.I may just stick with doing cardio exercises.
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If you enjoy weight training, I sure would not stop, muscle mass burns more calories. If you think you are gaining from the weight training, try lowing the weight and increasing the reps. That will make you strong and keep yours muscles really hard but it won't make their mass increase anymore. Also changing things up sometimes is necessary to break a plateau. You are doing fantastically.
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Do not stop the weight lifting. It is not all about the numbers on the scale. Everything I have read indicates that muscles burn calories even when you are not doing anything. Maybe instead of increasing the weights you are lifting, try different routines to vary it up. You apparently should be switching it up every so often (I don't remember how often however)
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