Hair loss and low carb?

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Default Hair loss and low carb?

Not sure if there is a relationship, but I have been doing low carb for a few months now and recently have experienced hair loss.
A quick google search showed me that this does happen sometimes.
Has anyone else had this happen? What have you experienced and learned?
What vitamins and FOODS might be of some help????
Thank you.
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Default For Me Extreme Low Carb = Hair Loss & Digestive Problems

I'm new to FitDay but was doing Atkins for a looong time. At first, the results were incredible. I did it strictly, sticking to 20 carbs/day for quite a few months. I lost almost 50 lbs.

Then eating low carb just became my lifestyle--really low carb--staying in Induction forever. This is when I started experiencing hair loss, dry hair, constipation, and dry skin. I stayed in the Induction phase because, even though I run 2 miles/day 4-5 times a week and go to the gym, if I increased my carb intake even just a little I would plateau big time. It gets frustrating when you are deprived of fun foods, you cook and bring your own veggie/protein lunch to work, are exercising, drinking water, and still going up and down the scale with the same 2/3 pounds, repeatedly. Finally, I took a little vacation from eating low carb, allowed some fatty junk like ice cream and chips into my diet, and (surprise) I put back almost 15 lbs of the 45 that I worked so hard to lose.

This time, I've decided to stop obsessing over the numbers. I even stopped weighing myself. I only weigh once a month, now, and use the fit of my clothes as my guide. I just cook/eat more well-rounded, allow some simple carbs into my diet for relief/fun, eat zero sweets except for coffee, have eliminated the "diet" candy and snack bars which are so expensive... and I am making nice progress! TBH, I don't use FD's food log to track calories/nutrition daily, either. But that's just what works for me; I understand that we all have different methods... whatever works! The FD food/fitness log is without a doubt a fantastic tool. In my new way of living, I have accepted that I will reach goal weigh more slowly. That's okay, so what. At least my hair is back, my skin looks healthy, I am pretty regular, and feel happier.

Well, I hope this helps. Whatever you decide works best for you, I wish you Good Luck!! Don't let it become torture... make it fun!
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Default Hair loss happens with most diets

Some things that help it and definitely help with dry skin is Omega 3,6,9 supplements that contain flax and borage oil. Rexall makes them for about six dollars a bottle. Vitamin d supplements are needed by women. Acai berry supplements help with energy and antioxidants. Garlic and acidophilus help keep down excessive yeast production in the body.

Good luck and hang in there! We won't go bald, promise.
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Added some more healthy carbs like sweet potato, berries, nuts and Greek Yogurt
More diligent about vitamins...including Fish Oil
Thank you...would love to hear more about this topic
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I have been living the low carb lifestyle for about a year now and I have not experiences hair loss.

I do not take any supplements or vitamins either.

I am also a vegetarian.

I pretty much eat whole unprocessed foods

Not sure this helps at all but thought I would throw my opinion in that the hair loss may be from another issue, not low carbing.
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The only time in my life when I experienced hair loss was when I was protein deficient -- it had nothing to do with the amount of carbs I was eating. At the moment, I'm not super-low carb; I'm grain-free and don't eat starchy fruits/vegetables, nor do I eat legumes. I get all my carbs from vegetables, nuts, fruits, and seeds -- in that order. I eat between 50 and 100 grams per day depending on how active I am. If anything, my hair is stronger and healthier now than it's ever been.

More likely than not, it has nothing to do with the carbs you're eating (or rather, not eating), but more to do with the rest of your diet. Make sure you're eating enough, and eating enough of the right things.
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Very true! It could be related to other issues. Mild forms of anemia, often linked to ethinicity, can cause hair loss. Thyroid issues, too. Any combination of things could have contributed to my experience; the body is so complex. The doctors and nutritionists don't have clear answers, either, trust me! Eventually, I trusted my instincts and focused on creating balance. And it worked... *Thank*God!*
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Low carb probably doesn't have anything to do with it...vitamin deficiency is probably the culprit. Check your nutritional graph daily and take a supplement for the vitamins/minerals that show deficits (from diet alone). The healthy fats (and Omega oils) are pretty important for skin, hair, and nails--and for alleviating constipation, too.

But, don't stay on Induction forever--it's not designed to be THE diet, it's designed to be the first couple of weeks.
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I do not know your age but I am just past 60. Several years ago, I started to notice my hair was thinner, although there didn't seem to be hair coming out in my hairbrush, nothing so noticeable as that.

I also noticed that the hair on my body became thinner and finer (I'm a woman). I spoke to both my family doctor and my dermatologist. Both said the same thing: it is hereditary and it comes with aging. Oh, crap.

No vitamins in this case would help me. I watch carbs but I also watch protein and fat, using fitday. I'm a middle of the road low-carb, lower-calorie, and also lower-fat dieter. That works, by the way, just fine, for me.

Both doctors said 'Don't waste your money on supplements, they're not going to do anything for this...' but the dermatologist did say that rogaine, which can be bought over the counter, is effective for many of his patients. He tells the women to just buy the rogaine formulated for men. It's fine, it takes about a year, he said, but the hair comes in fuller.

I have not done this because, honestly, it doesn't bother me that much. But it's a solution if it does bother you! Ask your doctor for verification of this simple step - it is applied to the scalp, not ingested!

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I have noticed a few others claiming the same that low carb is the cause of the hair lose but the reality is different.Low carb has nothing to do with the hair loss its might be because of nay other reason...
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