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Default Stall - maddening! - Help!

Hey folks -

I'm new to the boards, and I really could use to hear all about your experiences. I started at 244, now I'm 199.4. Thing is, I'd lost to 198.2, but over the last week and a half I first stalled, then very slowly started creeping up. .2 pounds a day until now.

So here's the thing, I'm NOT eating more or any differently: I'm fastidious and log every single thing that crosses my lips in my food log, and I eat a good mix: whole grains, veggies/fruits, some protein, an occassional sweet treat. And I measure absolutely everything. And I get 48-60 oz of water a day. And I had my period a week and a half ago, so it's not that and I'm not pregnant.

I did start doing low-to-moderate aerobics for 20-minutes a day, 3 days a week last week. And I now have a pretty nasty cold. I feel a little bloated - my ring is tighter - but I have no idea why I'd be hanging on to water. On days I exercise, I make sure I get more. I was eating 1325 calories a day just before the stall, but I went back up to 1450 in the last three days because I was worried I'd cut too far to also allow for exercise. Mr. Colon (sorry for the tmi) is working as intended.

I know a stall is really meant to be longer than a week and a half, but I've slowed down before and never gained back. Water retention? Muscle gain (seems farfetched to me, but what do I know?) Any thoughts?
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It sounds like fluid retention to me. Your cold may be to blame. Are you taking any medication for it? I find a cold usually makes me retain water. If you keep on doing what you are doing you will be back losing soon. You could increase your water. It's funny but usually the more water you drink the less you will retain. Good luck. Mary
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My quick thoughts - patience - stay true to your good plan. I tend to "bounce" down in my weight loss. Can be very frustrating. I guess that's the curse of looking at your scale so often. So many factors contributing to what that scale says on any given morning. Always remember that weightloss is 80% what you eat, 20% how much exercise you are getting. I try to make sure I am at least getting my 10,000 steps per day, and workouts for weight loss are on top of that. Just a few thoughts. Good luck!
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I agree with Mary, it's probably your cold

I'd up your water intake and watch your sodium (chicken broth, if you're eating soup out of a can or box, is a killer on sodium and will make you retain water). Upping your water in general isn't a bad idea either - 48 to 60 is good, and is where I started out too, but many people would recommend your 8 servings + an extra serving for every 10 lbs. you want to lose. Try getting yourself to 72 every day, even if it's hard and you feel like you want to pee every hour

I hope you feel better soon! Don't give up!
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Default Some thoughts

Without looking at your diet, I can only guess what's going on. You may have too much sugar in your diet. Whether it's in breads or cereals, or the amount of fruit you eat, sometimes sugars can stall weightloss.

I found when I ate bread, even whole wheat or cereal, I was contending with the sugars in these carbs. I ate more protein. I turned sandwiches into lettuce wraps and switched my sweetener to Stevia from aspartame and sucralose.

For me, I must walk everyday without fail. On a treadmill, in my neighborhood with my dog, I've got to get out and go. Adding weights to my workouts has also increased weight loss for me. The exercise is key for getting it off this time once and for all.

Hang in there. You'll find what it is that is stalling you. Don't give up and definitely don't starve yourself.

I'd add more activity to my program if I were you.
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No need to worry have patience. I have been losing for over a year now and these little episodes happen. Stick to your guns, log all your food and all of a sudden you will drop a couple pounds and continue on. Best of luck
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I just noticed that you and I started at the same weight. I'm going to agree with the above, up your water intake, 64oz baseline + an extra 8oz for every 10lbs you want to lose. Since you don't mention your goal weight, I don't know what that takes you up to, but it's more than you've been getting. When you have a cold it's especially important to get in plenty of fluids. Also exercise increases your need for water, so maybe an additional 8oz for that alone. I also agree with the "watch your sodium" intake. I never thought I was sensitive to it, until I started tracking my intake. Sodium will make your scale wonky, trust me. I always stall out when I eat popcorn. The other thing you might want to look at is your grain-based carb intake, and go without grains for a couple of days and see if that doesn't help. I know that sounds extreme, but can really help to blast through a plateau.

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Don't get too discouraged. Sometimes adding a new routine can make a physical change. Your moderate exercise and cold can be confusing your body. Stick to your exercise program, that's where you're going to see the results taking place. Continue with moderate cardio & try to include some strength training. Remember muscle BURNS FAT, and that's when you'll see results!
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