What are YOU looking forward to?

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Being able to walk in shorts or a skirt without my thighs sticking together

Having my chest stick out farther than my gut

Having the energy to take the kids outside and actually run and play with them
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Looking forward to:

1. a sound mind.
2. looking fit and vibrant for my husband-to-be.
3. experiencing the reward of living a healthy lifestyle when old.
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I'm looking forward to:

1) catching a man's appreciative eye instead of being invisible
2) feeling proud at sticking to and acheiving my goals
3) getting off blood pressure and chlorestrol drugs
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hmmnn....what am I looking forward to.....ugh....so MANY things:
1--feeling comfortable in my own skin-not constantly tugging at my clothes to hide-feeling confident.
2--shopping in the regular stores--at the MALL--not just the "plus" size stores and buying clothes that I really like not just buying something that is "good enough" because it fits and covers me up.
3--not being the "fat" mom anymore! ...I could go on and on......
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Mmmm....good question to keep me focused! The list for me is very long, so here are the three that immediately popped into my head:

Number One: Walking into a room of strangers and not seeing the inevitable eye avoidance-thing that happens when they notice I have a pretty face, but I'm a FAT GIRL. So sick of this and having to work my personality around it.

Number Two: Getting my blood pressure and health back so my daughter will stop worrying about me.

Number Three: Doing anything I WANT without my weight being an issue, like going down the water slides in a tube and roller skating and riding rollercoasters and running, etc. Freedom from FAT!!

And yes, I know number two should really be number one, and it is, I just put them down in the order they popped into my warped head.
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1) fitting in all the clothes in my closet
2) not having to pull down my shirt to hide the rolls
3) feeling sexy again!
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What I'm looking for to.......

I have a very long list.. but the top 3 are,

1. Feeling like I control my weight, not that my weight is controlling me!
2. Not feeling like I am a beached whale anymore.
3. Finding a bra that actually fits!

I have more things that i look forward to but those are just a few. My self image and my clothes bother me more then anything else. I hate tugging at my clothes! And I have to agree with kaskat
"feeling comfortable in my own skin-not constantly tugging at my clothes to hide-feeling confident."
this is my ultimate goal!
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1. achieving my goals
2. a six pack
3. being done with my cutting phase of weight lose so that I can start to add some muscle.
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Default Oh where to begin....

I'd have to say that what I'm looking forward to most is:

1. Waking up in the morning and feeling rested, alive and ready to spring out of bed and take the day by storm.

2. Keeping up with all my kiddos.

3. Buying my clothes off the regular racks in the regular stores.
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Top 3:

1. Feeling healthy, particularly improving my breathing (tired of getting winded from minimal exercise)

2. Looking good again (I miss that I used to be in great shape and hate knowing that I let myself go)

3. Having a clear mind both in the sense of being healthy and not worrying about looking fat.

That is my broad stroke. I know there are many more objectives that go along with these but I don't want to ramble.
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