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Hi guys, its been a while! I'm coming off of a down week, hence, the radio silence. I don't really know what happened but I just kind of shut down last week. I did put a couple pounds on, but nothing overly devastating. I'm not giving up and throwing away the past two months by any means. I've got my day planned out food wise, and am getting back on the exercise wagon today. I think today what I'm going to try- since I don't own a treadmill, have a gym membership and the sidewalks are iced over right now- is just take an hour block of TV that I watch everyday and jog in place during the show, and during commercials switch it up a little to give the legs a quick break and get something in for my arms and core. It seems kinda silly to me, but the way I figure its still moving, and moving is better than just sitting there. My show comes on in fourty minutes, so you guys won't have to wait long for me to get back on here and talk about what a idiot I felt like!

It sounds like the rest of you are doing well, and it made me really happy to read all the posts this morning! I feel guilty about just totally abandoning all my FitDay friends. I'm glad to be back and basking in our little community. You guys rock!
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Good Morning.

I agree 750 cal is too low. And you probably will burn out quickly since you will feel you are depriving yourself. Losing the weight slow and steady will help translate into a lifestyle you can maintain once the weight is off. I am a person who is always hungry. So food is a bit of an obsession for me. I can't even imagine eating only 750 calories. In fact I have a really hard time keeping my calories under 1800. My cupboards are always full. I know I need to think about eating and food less. At least so far (only day 2) the green tea is helping with the hunger and cravings.

Now that I am off sugar I find I don't think about candy and chocolate. I'm hoping to avoid chocolate over Valentines Day. Since I am divorced and single I'm planning a Single Girls Valentines Day Brunch. I find Valentines Day the hardest holiday so far to be alone. Hoping to eat responsibly this weekend.
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Kathie, Thank You! I don't want to give up... I really don't. I just need to push past this. But it's really hard... because this is the point where I have always given up and gained the weight back + some. I talked to Johnny about it last night and he promised to help me work through this. So, that's always a good thing. Hopefully this wont last that long. And anyhow, him and I are going to go work out tonight.

Sorry for my blah moment (again)! Anyhow, hope that everyone has a very successful Tuesday!
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So I did a half hour instead of a full hour, but I wore my little pedometer, and even jogging in place still killed off three tenths of a mile, which was kind of surprising. I'm just glad I did [I]something[I] and get to working on breaking this slump. And now its apple time, since I didn't eat it at breakfast! I love apples...
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Jennifer...this is the time you are going to push through this point! Think of what a success that will be! I am excited for you!

Take care of yourself, don't place unreasonable demands, and you will do it!

Way to go, Diane! I am stuck inside with the rain and no cardio tennis I may just try your idea. Thanks for the tip.
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Jen, you are less than 5 pounds from your first goal!! You are so close! And a few short days after that you will be OUT of the dreaded 200s!!! How cool would be!!??

Over the last few days I have ended up having a calorie intake of over 1300 a day. Maybe the 1200 was just too low. I was just so tired on 1200. Not that I am really feeling energetic at 1350ish, yet!! Maybe the 1200 calories was starving me too much, and that is why I didn't lose last week?? I guess Friday will tell the story.

DBrinkley, glad to have you back!! I was wondering where you had disappeared too. Isn't it funny how we avoid these boards when we think we are failing, and yet that is probably when we need support the most??!!

I think we ALL struggle with this, otherwise none of us would be overweight in the first place! It isn't like we don't know what to do, we just don't know how to make it work in our lives. We all have different motivations, but the number one reason should be health. Sure it is nice to look better, as it improve self esteem, which in turn can be a great motivator in itself....but vanity should not be the driving force behind this journey. I am hoping when I go get my next bloodwork done, the numbers reflect all the work I am doing.

It is too bad that we all have to do this alone, when I say alone, I mean only we can make the choice regarding what we put in our mouths. It can be so challenging NOT to eat that chocolate bar, or those french fries. I think that is why some people become closet eaters. But nobody is getting hurt except ourselves. We can only be accountable to ourselves. It is fantastic to have a support system in place, and our weekly weigh in help us stay accountable...but in the end, we have to be true to our own selves.

Good grief, I sound like I am preaching....LOL! Sorry about that! I need to remind myself of these things too!
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Hi Everyone! I've been reading all your posts and hear myself in a lot of them so I'd like to join this "healthy community!" It's so cool to share ideas and hear others' success stories. The other Saturday I was at the gym at 8:30 AM doing a Zumba class with people of all sizes and ages and we had such a blast. I just looked around the room and thought, "this is awesome!" Being part of a group that has made the choice to be healthy and active is so much better than laying in bed until 11 AM hung over from too much food and drink the night before. Not that that's an option for me now that I have a baby...

I'm really proud of myself - I've been doing Fitday on and off (more off) for about 7 years now but this is the longest stretch ever - going on 6 weeks of tracking food EVERY day and exercising 4-6 days per week! My weight loss hasn't been what I had hoped, only about a pound per week but like someone said, it's still a LOSS. I'm seeing some loss of inches too so that's rewarding. I had a baby a year ago and before that I was about 10 lbs overweight, but gained about 60 lbs during pregnancy! I've lost almost 40 lbs but I still have 30 to go, want to get there by August.

I love your ideas about getting the whole chicken prepped, eggs boiled, etc at the beginning of the week. I also need to get into the emotional cleaning! I make my lunch salads for about 3 days at a time and keep them in the fridge at work so I never have an excuse to eat junk for lunch, and I keep string cheese and other healthy snacks in my desk. I make sure to have some protein EVERY time I eat anything. Another thing that helps is that I enter everything I know I'm going to eat right away in the morning so then I know how much flexibility I have at dinner, etc.

I've found that over the past month I am naturally just eating fewer calories, and more protein/less carbs and fat without really even meaning to! I also eat much smaller portions. Regular snacks help with this as does drinking lots of water and green tea. It isn't even a question whether or not I feel like going to the gym, it's just what I do. Heading there right away after work has helped with that.

Ok well enough from me, I look forward to getting to know you all!
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Morning everyone
Yesterday I went to the YMCA twice,,,first for my walk around the track , which i found out works out to be 3 miles..and then for my evening Aquafit class.
I found something out while I was there new instructor is a wealth of knowledge and told me that after you swim your body is cold and wants to use up energy so you ofter feel hungry afterwards...that happens to me each week. I thought it was due to working out...didnt realize it was my body telling me something. So last night when I got home I had some green tea, and an orange (planned snack) and got into warm jammies. It worked I wasnt starving...hmmm whodathunkit??

Dbrinnkly I used to walk around my house when I lived in a place that didnt have ymca or gym...I thought I was the only one doing it as well and felt kind of dumb doing it but it was for me. Maybe there is more of us out there...
Kathie not preaching sounds like good advice to me
Jennifer coming here and telling everyone how you feel is a positive step in staying on track!!
Snolyzard congrats on the 40 pounds lost...and your on your way to the next
ok lost my first post already,,hoping this one works...have a great day everyone!!
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Hello everyone,

Checking in, all is well today in my world! Feeling stronger and in control this week.

Patti, Interesting about the cold, and they body's reaction. I work outside quite a bit (I am on a farm), and I notice this when I come in sometimes in the winter - I am famished!!

Welcome Snolyzard!! Congrats on your success, that is really a great accomplishment!

Welcome back Dianne, good going getting back on track.

Hang in there Jennifer, you have met some really tough goals you set for yourself already - don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing so great!

Kathie, I don't think you sound Good food for though, and food for thought is good because it contains no calories whatsoever!! hee hee You are right, we are alone with ourselves at the end of the day. If it is going to be, it is up to me! I like that saying, because it is true. We deserve to be healthy, and feel good about ourselves.

I am so inspired by everyone here. Have a great day everyone!
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Default Do i need more calories part 2

Kathie, Jan, & all who responded to my first post. Thank you. I drink 12 + glasses of water a day, & I checked my blood sugar; all was well there. As someone suggested I did see my Dr. today. Waiting on the results of my bloodwork. Dr. suggested I drink Gatorade in case of electrolyte inbalance, & curtail my excercise for a couple of days. Dr. isn't willing to say that 1,000 calories is too low, & she isn't ready to tell me to eat more yet. Considering the fact that I weigh over 250 lbs. I really think I need to increase my calories, & pray that I don't gain. Because the idea is to GET HEALTHY & STAY HEALTHY; not to be a skinny corpse. LOL!!
Me skinny...corpse or living not likely. A lot thinner yes!!skinny no...
Thanks to all for your advice
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