How to curb hunger?

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For me, the best appetite curber is diversion. I have a number of interests that will occupy me to the point that I don't eat because I'm too absorbed in what I'm doing.

I suggest you find such an interest or hobby. TV is the absolute worst thing because half the commericals are for food, bad food at that.

Just for starters, try finding books that will engross you so hours will fly by and you didn't notice. Your local library is a wonderful place.

Volunteer work can be especially rewarding. Work in a cancer ward. You won't think about food too much there. Children's hospital, hospice volunteer, pet shelters always need help, senior centers. But, be wary of "goodies" that people bring in as that is pouring gasoline on a fire.
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I have this problem anytime I'm at home all day. I only work part-time, so I'm home ~3 days a week. Those are the days I end up eating the most, just because I'm at home and bored. Find ways to get out of the house-- better yet, take a long walk or something! Really that's the only thing that works for me, because it's my MIND that's hungry, not my body.
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