Weekends are tough!

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Default Weekends are tough!

This past weekend was my first weekend since starting to use FitDay. I had not anticipated how difficult it would be to stick to my calorie counting and resist snacking! At home most of the day with my family, it's so hard not to give in to every slightest feeling of hunger. I did get some exercise though, and although I did snack a little, it was mostly on fruits and veggies and lean protein. I wonder what are some techniques others use to stay in check over the weekend?

Height: 5'2"
Start weight: 144
Current weight: 139
Mini Goal weight: 135 by 3/13/11
Stretch Goal Weight: 130 by 5/31/11
Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 by 8/6/11
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Well, since you asked--on weekends I usually end up making a big brunch around 11:00 or so. I'll eat, oh 500 calories of fat/protein. That easily keeps me till mid-afternoon when I have some fruit. Then, I'm good 'till supper time.

Probably the number one thing is to KEEP BUSY! If you're bored, the urge to snack will hit--if you're busy doing things, you won't even notice those "hunger" pangs.

Also, make sure to keep up with your water intake if you can (I know sometimes I hold back if I know I won't be able to visit the "facilities" for a while).

This is what works for me, but your lifestyle and circumstances may vary. In any event, make sure you log everything, even if it's "bad".

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Great tips! Thanks for sharing!
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I agree. I feel like weekends are when all the hard work I have done over the weekdays I lose.

I try to weigh myself on Fridays and Mondays. If I know its coming, I will eat less.

Make a plan during the week when you are going to exercise on the weekends. Make it time-specific. I have had too many days when I tell myself that I will do it "later" and I never do. I find that getting exercise over with first thing in the morning gives me a sense of accomplishment and I eat better over the day.

Sit down and eat real meals. It's too easy to snack throughout the day and then you never feel full.

Finally, when you have a bad weekend, sit down on Monday and try to figure out why you had a bad weekend and what you can do to change it for the next one.
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My problem with weekends is socialising. I catch up with my friends or my partner gets home for a few days and it's all about the eating out and opening a bottle of wine. I don't want to hide away but it takes me all week to undo the damage. My friend is no help as she eats everything and stays stick thin, she can't seem to understand that dessert for me = disaster. This past weekend wasn't too bad as I just met her for lunch and I was able to order a small omelette with salad. I know I sound wimpy but it's very hard to pick at a salad when she is scoffing honey chilli chicken with wedges. So at present it's be extremely strict mon to fri then let go a bit at the weekend. It's letting me lose 1/2 to 1 lb per week which is better than no loss at all
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I agree that planning is the key. Plan food and stick to it; plan an active weekend. If you have kids get out and do fun things with them -- they need it too.

I am trying to plan more social events around things other than eating. I have had a couple wii parties where most of our time is spent laughing as we set up our Mi's and watched each other try to conquer the activity. I refused to let people bring food and told them we would be eating healthy. Veggies or fruit. Most of us skipped the wine and drank water with lime.

I'm also hanging out more with my more active friends. Good influences work just as well as bad ones!

I have a diet group than is planing a reward activity for a group loss of over 50 pounds. Things like a clothing exchange have been suggested. There are some whose favourite activity is eating out so it can be a stuggle. When I'm doing well I hate to blow a week's losses on an evening out.

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I love the suggestion of planning time-specific activities for the weekend, and hanging out with good influences! I also like that you're planning social events that aren't food centered. Great ideas!
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