Need tips to lower body fat!!!

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Chasing the 8 pack, can be an exercise in futility. I have worked with body builders and I agree there is a genetic aspect to achieving this look...also it might not matter to you but the deeper muscles are where a lot of strength is so the 8 pack is all for looks. (I get it...I have chased the dream skinny thighs) But consider how much your willing to sacrifice to attain this look and once you've got it ( if it's possible, how hard it is to maintain??). Even most body builders only strip down to this super low bf level for a short term competition or photo shoot. You could embrace the body type you are.. healthy and strong comes in different shapes.
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1.Shocking foods that burn belly fat
2.So-called "health" foods that you should NEVER eat (they can actually increase stomach fat)
3.Motivation secrets for lifelong fitness success
4.Unique "trick" to reduce junk-food cravings
5.Weird workouts that spam faster than typical "cardio"
all these are some tips to reduce you belly fat. you can also find some suggestion from your health orbit.

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I was 72 kg my daily routine was Ĺ hour ride after 3 or 4 times breakfast. I love to eat that’s why it was difficult for get into 52kg. Pizza, chocolate cakes, pastries, noodles burger were my regular diet but you won’t believe without ditching my regular diet I was able to lose weight. I simply followed few natural tips to get I to 52 kg race. Few natural tips and veggies were only added to regular diet chart and now I am 52kg. Some of the natural tips are:
  • Drink a glass of water with every meal
  • Eat green food.
  • Increase Vitamin D level
  • Get you fibre on

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Do exercise, drink water as much as you can in a day, the best way to reduce weight which is I already using is Slimming Pills . And I am very much happy to have slimming pills because I m reducing weight in a very short period.


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To be honest i would not suggest any sort of drug to get rid of obesity. Rather some natural intake can aid with weight loss. Green tea is in point of fact one of healthiest tonic on planet. It’s overloaded with antioxidants and a wide array of substance that are health wise important. Studies have also proven that green tea can assist you in fat burning and facilitate you with weight loss. Bioactive components within tea dissolve in water and make it worthy drink. Whenever you devour green tea cup, you’re truly receiving great amount of favorable stuffs having compelling biological effects. And best known of all is caffeine. Green tea cup comprise of significantly less caffeine in evaluation to cup of coffee, but is yet adequate to generate gentle effect upon obese people and help them lose weight by simply drinking green tea.

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