what to do when your sick?

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Default what to do when your sick?

hi guys i've been down with a nasty cold snice friday. So that means i haven't been feelign too good to do my workouts or eatting my recamended foods servings.

so i'm wondering what do you guys do when your down with a cold?
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Sorry to hear you're under the weather!

Other than the common sense stuff, I don't have much to offer.

Keep hydrated--it's pretty easy not to when you're sick.

Make the best food choices you can--personally my appetite generally diminishes when I'm sick, but YMMV.

Just tough out not being able to exercise. I know when my head is trying to explode and I can't breath that getting to the couch with my bottle of NyQuil and watching The Price is Right is about all the movement I can muster.

Hope you get well soon and then, hit it hard!

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I know my cold started around the end of the first week of Jan and I am still taking elevators up because my chest is still congested. I am seeing improvement, but slowly.
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Garlic, garlic and more garlic! Whenever someone in my family comes down with a cold, I start eating garlic. Chop it up raw into salsa, grate it into fried rice... whatever it takes. I have even gone so far as to just slice up a few cloves and swallow them like pills! I haven't gotten sick in over a year because of garlic, and if you're already sick, chowing down on it will help you recover a lot faster.

Other than that, get plenty of sleep, take a multivitamin and drink a TON of water. Don't push yourself exercising, maybe just go for a long walk if you feel up to it. Keep counting your calories though and stay, at least, within a range in which you will maintain your weight. Give your body a chance to heal, and you'll be feeling better in no time, then you can pick right back up with your weight loss program where you left off!
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thanks even tho i'm feeling alot better now, still not fully 100% but almost there. alot of people are getting sick around my school and alot worse than me.
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