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Net Calories and eating back what you burn through exercise?

Net Calories and eating back what you burn through exercise?

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Default Net Calories and eating back what you burn through exercise?

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Hope everyone is having a good holiday.
I have searched this site for discussions on Net Calories and surprisingly my search did not generate results....perhaps it's under calorie deficit? I find that when these two are discussed it's interchangeable. But they're slightly different concepts with similar outcomes? However it is often explained in confusing matter (well I'm confused about the matter). Thus leading to my question; Can someone explain Net Calorie? here's what I've understood it to be...as explained in the example below.

Your BMR or RMR is 1300 (also used interchangeably) (calories that your body needs to function and keep the organs doing their job does not include lifestyle activities). You are suppose to not eat below this number to maintain your metabolic at a normal functioning level...

Your Daily Calorie expenditure is 1800 (including lifestyle activities...cleaning, sitting, reading, bathing, eating, etc)

You eat 1300/day

You create 500 calorie deficit a day x 7 days a week (ideally equating to a 1 pound weight loss at the end of the week)

You exercise and burn 500 additional calories

It appears that the information I have found is saying to eat back these 500 calories, otherwise you would be creating a net of less than 1300 (1300-500 = 800 net intake; because your body converts the food eaten into energy to perform that activity). By the way I always thought you needed to eat back your calories burned through exercise when you were trying to maintain...that's why I'm confused.

so then if this is correct then the individual with the above numbers would only be able to create a cal deficit of 500? so then in some people's case it is impossible to create a larger deficit than 500?

Correct me if I'm way off....it's a confusing matter that whenever I get online I find myself getting confused again!

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