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RoyParker11 04-02-2018 10:30 AM

Best Workout For Weight Loss?
What kind of work out is best for rapid weight loss? Is it gym, yoga, swimming, running, skipping or something else?

Culatiews 04-10-2018 07:23 AM

Hi! I've been practicing professional fitness for about 10 years now and I had a lot of people with a similar problem. There are several ways and you can learn more in a lab report writing service. I'd like to advise you aerobic exercise in the open air, I mean running up to 15 km per day, this will help you lose weight and develop a cardiovascular system. Also, 3 times a week do cross-fit and intensive in the gym with the trainer. On weekends - visit the pool, this will help you avoid stretch marks and tighten your skin, bring it to shape.

amy_jackson 04-22-2018 08:35 AM

Well you can include planks, push ups and swimming in your exercise routine and please make it your routine even after losing weight as well.

Helington 04-22-2018 05:17 PM

don't want to lose your weight rapidly. You should be patience and do it gradually.

matthewtweedie 04-23-2018 08:23 AM

yoga and swimming both are the best solution to lose weight...but it takes some time to reduce weight but have effective results

ayurvedictr 05-03-2018 11:24 AM

You can try yoga at your home.Another way is Home remedies mentioned in traditional Ayurvedic scriptures include Brahmi, Triphala, and Garcinia cambogia which can help cure obesity. Obesity Treatment in Ayurveda includes massages with herbal powders (Udwarthanam), specific oils (Abhyanga), and temperature-adjusted steam bath with herbal pastes.

nagpurayurveda 05-04-2018 05:27 AM

Ayurveda and yoga are very effective for weight .

danielhenry12 05-28-2018 12:08 PM

Hello!! All above are useful in one way or other but it also depends on person to person. According to me Yoga along with Skipping and running are the best combinations not only to lose weight but also for overall fitness of the body. I himself lose weight upto 8 kg in 3 months without any extra effort.

lunatrim 05-28-2018 01:24 PM

Running would help you the most

stewtoy 06-01-2018 12:08 PM

Panchakarma Treatment Maharashtra India | Panchakarma Therapies
Running is the best exercise for the weight loss.But with exercise you should also follow some diet routine .Ayurveda treatment is also effective for weight loss.

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